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Vegan Hotspots

6x Vegan Hotspots Amsterdam

More and more vegan and non vegan restaurants are opening their doors in Amsterdam, where . Amsterdam has countless cool, healthy, less healthy, vegetarian and vegan hotspots. So much that sometimes you don’t know where to be. Especially if you are not very familiar in Amsterdam. We selected the coolest but also the best and nicest vegan hotspots in Amsterdam.

Vegan Hotspots in Amsterdam that are ideal for you

As a vegan or vegan, you’ll love this place at the Bilderdijk neighbourhood in Amsterdam west. The reason, they don’t serve meat on their menu. The pizzas are fresh and special: for example, try the combination of zucchini or truffle, or grilled vegetables and vegan cheese.
Location: Eerste van der Helststraat 78H, 1072 NZ Amsterdam

Vegan pizza

Vegetables are the focus of Morris & Bella. The fundament of their menu is vegan, but if you’re with friends that eat meat they can complement the vegetables with meat, fish and cheese.
Location: Nova Zemblastraat 586, Amsterdam

Ninour is an organic and vegetarian restaurant, but there are also vegan dishes on the menu. Ninour is located in Amsterdam Zuid. You might first think that Ninour is a concept store with different interior items, gifts, children’s clothing and vintage items, but Ninour is more than that. You can also go here for a delicious vegan breakfast and lunch.
Location: Eerste Jan Steenstraat 109, 1072 CP Amsterdam

At Spirit you do not only eat 100% organic, but also 100% vegetarian. They have a lot option for vegans like buckwheat pancakes, miso soup, gyoza with black beans, red curry with lentils, spring rolls, raspberry ice or black sesame ice cream. At Spirit you can scoop up by yourself and you pay for what you buy. As long as your eyes are not bigger than your stomach, you also help with the fight against food waste. The buffet clearly indicates whether a dish is vegan or not.
Location: Czaar Peterstraat 2a, Amsterdam

At SLA you can eat salads, soups and snacks that are so delicious, that you forget that it is healthy. The smoothies and cold-pressed juices are all vegan. And at SLA you can put together your salad exactly as you wish. Whether you like to eat vegetarian, vegan or gluten free: our menu is accessible to everyone. And with five locations in Amsterdam there is always an SLA in the neighborhood. The vegan veggie bowls and the vegan sweet potato soup are also great.

Location: Ceintuurbaan 149, Amsterdam
Location: Claude Debussylaan 35, Amsterdam
Location: Westerstraat 34, Amsterdam
Location: Utrechtsestraat 10HS, Amsterdam
Location: Middenweg 55B-H, Amsterdam

Zoku is a beloved work hotspot in Amsterdam. Why? It feels like a super trendy living room with the ideal work vibe. In addition, it has a gigantic rooftop and a great kitchen where you can eat vegan and not vegan but very healthy.
Location: Weesperstraat 105, 1018 VN Amsterdam

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