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About Veganfoodamsterdam

Our website is a growing source of information about veganism and vegetarism. You will find not only vegan restaurants and explanation about vegan food, but also information about other Vegan food festivals and much more. With a wealth of information that can make life easier for vegans and vegetarians, the website is a practical support for everybody that wants to eat Vegan or meet with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. We try to promote and share veganism and vegetarism in a positive way.

We will introduce ourselves; as two non-vegans, we started Veganfoodamsterdam in May 2018, because we noticed that more and more people around us became vegan or vegetarian. Because of this we started to delve more into this topic and saw that there was no central website for veganism in Amsterdam.

That is why at Veganfoodamsterdam we share our experiences with vegan restaurants, a vegan lifestyle or using vegan products in a clear and simple way.

The most frequently asked questions we received in the past year were; are you vegan? and why do you do this when you are not vegan?

As a result, we noticed that most non-vegans view vegan food as something that you can only eat if you are a vegan. We think you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy vegan food. That is why we want non-vegans to be more open to vegan food, a famous quote is “be the change you want to see in the world”. That is why we want to share our own experiences with vegan food in a clear and simple way via our website.