Vegan Dinner Amsterdam

Do we know a nice place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner? Hell yeah we do! In order to make finding a good place to eat a little bit easier for you, we’ve listed 7 of our favorite restaurants in Amsterdam for your dining pleasure. Ready? Here we go!

Vegetarian Restaurants Amsterdam

6x Best Vegetarian Restaurants amsterdam

Lavinia Good Food Amsterdam 
At the cozy Lavinia, you can eat mainly salads, gluten-free French toast and pancakes and divine spelled pizzettas  (thin flammkuchen-esque pizzas with, for example, mushrooms and truffles). Now not only on the Kerkstraat, but also on the Amstelveenseweg.


Location: Amstelveenseweg 192, 1075 XR Amsterdam

YAY Healthstore & More (Closed since 2018)
Our first time at YAY Healthstore & More was not very succesful, to say the least. The staff considered each other more important than serving the customers – something that we do not find fitting with their concept. To be fair, that was their only misstep since YAY certainly does something good, as it turned out when we gave the healthy-vegan place another chance (that’s how we are). Reason to give this place a chance are  1) The cafe looks wonderfully seventiens-hippy-yoga-chic, colorful with lots of plants, as it should be. 2) the raw food and juice menu is really one of the best in the city.


YAY Health Store & More








Spirit Amsterdam
Taken from Rotterdam to Amsterdam: Spirit. Spirit offers 100% organic and 100% vegetarian food and it also looks very good. On the menu: Wild rice salad, tempura of vegetables, sushi, ravioli with goat’s cheese and much more to try.

Spirit Amsterdam

Location: Czaar Peterstraat 2a, 1018 PR Amsterdam

SNCKBR (Closed since 2018) 
Can we also talk about SNCKBR once more? We already had breakfast, a 10, and in the meantime also joined the evening meal which was – again – a feast. SInce SNCKBR is pretty steadfast in its quality and cordial service: A 10+ from us. Do not be put off by the name; SNCKBR conducts a real café-restaurant policy that many Amsterdam catering establishments can still learn something from. On the menu: Healthy ‘snacks’ to use as sides for a drink, indicated on the menu per vitamin-kick, zucchini spaghetti, a must, a mouth-watering lemon juice and a number of ‘guilty pleasures’ which are not really that bad, certainly not. As they say, it is Dndrs lkkr. Whoopwhoop. SNCKBR

snckbr amsterdam

Location: Adres: Kinkerstraat 106, 1053 EC Amsterdam

Hummus D & A
Our beloved hummus dishes are put on the table by our beloved Westerstraat. The operation is sometimes a bit … crazy in the beginning. Not bad, but not that warm. It does not matter, because at Hummus D & A it is more than cozy sitting on the rattle of vintage tables and chairs and once chatting about their hummus and associates, the staff quickly warms up to you. And wait until everything is on the table. Yum. Hummus Bistro D & A


Location: Westerstraat 136, 1015 MP Amsterdam

Roots is the love baby of an Amsterdam couple, one of whom turned out to be intolerant to gluten. Sucks, and so everything had to be different. So different, that they followed a training as nutritionist and that knowledge was then also shared with Roots as the (fine!) result. The (takeaway / order) menu includes zucchini pasta with rocket, onion, sundried tomatoes, tomato, cashew nut & pesto or a tortilla of egg, almond milk, sweet potato, zucchini and onion, with a salad of arugula, tomato, pepper, cucumber, pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds. Naturally everything is gluten and lactose free. Ha!

Roots Amsterdam

Location: Amstelveenseweg 164, 1075 XN Amsterdam

Mastino V

Children and pizza: Always a good combination. Nope, people and pizza are always a good combination.. At Mastino V you are in the right place for a vegetarian dish, because all pizzas are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. An absolute recommendation from us

Location: Bilderdijkstraat 192 H, 1053 LE Amsterdam

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