Amsterdam Oost is upcoming! In this versatile neighborhood, the nice spots seem to shoot from the ground and there are still enough hidden gems to discover. Oost has its charm through the mix of different cultures and the new influence of young creatives. Near the center, but with a completely different Amsterdam experience.

There is something for everyone. Oost has it all. Trendy coffee shops, raw sheds, trendy cocktail bars, just name it! The Czaar Peterstraat promises to become the new Nine Streets. You can find all kinds of trendy shops here. A visit to the adjacent Rust is certainly a must-do on a sunny day! What is more multi-culti is the Javastraat, from kebab to boutiques. If your legs are not tired yet, walk over the Dappermarkt or through the Oosterpark. Enough hotspots around the park to have a toast or a bite to eat in one of the world kitchens.

Benji's Amsterdam

During the summer period in Amsterdam we usually have many vegan food festivals starting from May until late August where you can find different vegan food stands. You can easily find vegan raw food, vegan indian food or vegan thai food for example on these food festivals so you never get bored!

Pizza Heart Bar

Below this thread you will find your way to some places that we recommend going when you are visiting Amsterdam Oost. Also make sure to follow our blog which goes a bit more in detail about experiences, recipes and tips to make your live easier.

5x Vegan Restaurants Amsterdam Oost

  • Beter en Leuk: Someone a vegan high tea? At Beter en Leuk you can order the tastiest sweet snacks, although the soups and sandwiches are also not wrong. This vegan hotspot in Amsterdam can be found in East. Oh, and on Sundays there is a vegan brunch. Location: Eerste Oosterparkstraat 91, Amsterdam –
  • Benji’s: This urban jungle in Amsterdam East has many different tasty vegan dishes on the menu. Even vegan rendang! Also a perfect place to work with your laptop. Location: Wibautstraat 196, Amsterdam –
  • Spirit: Spirit is a new organic restaurant in Amsterdam East where you can eat on the conveyor belt just like before. Yeah, a buffet, but with vegan snacks. How nice is that. Location: Czaar Peterstraat 2A, Amsterdam –
  • Pizza Heart Bar: Pizza Heart Bar in East is a pizzeria for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and even pizza buffs. Yes really. Also nice: Pizza Heart Bar Amsterdam has a huge terrace. Delicious for when the sun is shining! Location: Schollenbrugstraat 8, Amsterdam –
  • Lettuce: A hotspot that should not be missing in our list of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam is Sla. For a vegan meal you are always at the right address here. Different locations, Amsterdam –

Do you have an awesome hotspot in Amsterdam that people have to know about? Reach out to us for exposure!

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