How do you become and stay happy when you are a vegan? It is not always the people in your area who are also vegan, which can make it extra difficult. Also the new challenges that you can encounter during cooking and going out for dinner can ensure that being vegan does not mean that you are happy too. In this blog we give you a couple of tips to make your life easier as a vegan in Amsterdam.

It is wonderful to go out for dinner and catch up with friends, family or colleagues. Good food, good company and a bit of relaxation. If you are a vegan, you may think you can not eat out anymore, but there are different cuisines that have vegan dishes on the menu. Especially in Thai and Indian cuisine, you as a vegan can indulge your heart. Ask other restaurants if the cook wants to make a dish vegan for you. You will be amazed at how many chefs find this a fun challenge. There are also more and more restaurants that have a (complete) vegan menu. Especially in the big cities like Amsterdam you see this kind of hotspots more and more.

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Vegan Festivals

An extra helping hand for living a vegetable lifestyle is the support of others. Meet other like-minded vegans so that you can continue to motivate each other. Is it against you, do you have a question or do you want to exchange ideas, then this is the perfect solution. More and more vega (n) festivals are being organized where you can meet new people. There are also various closed groups for vegans on Facebook.

When it comes to getting the ingredients for maintaining a balanced vegan diet, Amsterdam enjoys of plenty organic stores where besides gluten-free products you can also find a wide selection of alternative products to replace meat, pasta and even dairy products such as ice cream!

Do you have an awesome hotspot in Amsterdam that people have to know about? Reach out to us for exposure!

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