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The Vegan society is slowly taking the world by storm and Amsterdam is dedicated to keeping this culture alive and well. The city is coloured with many vegan restaurants and vegan bakeries for you to choose from. Whether you are a visitor stopping by for a quick bite, or a regular at the lunchrooms, there is always something to suit your taste and have you coming back for more. If you’re looking to enjoy the best vegan pastries, desserts, and cheese, then you have to absolutely review this guide. Acquaint yourself with the variety of sumptuous vegan bakeries in Amsterdam today.

4x Vegan bakery places in Amsterdam for you

There is a legion of vegan bakeries in Amsterdam, let’s delve into a few below, which we feel offer the best quality and great tasting varieties.

Coffee Concepts

>Enjoy the best vegan pastries at Coffee Concepts. This restaurant will leave you spoilt for choice, with their wide range of cakes and donuts. They get a fresh supply of doughnuts, especially, every weekend from Nono cakes, one of the best Vegan bakeries in Amsterdam. The coffee menu at Coffee Concepts consists of plant-based milk options, with which to smooth down your pastries.

Het Zaanse Bakkertje

The fusion of flavors and fresh aromas at the Het Zaanse Bakkertje will beckon even a non-vegan from miles away. This vegan bakery in Amsterdam specializes in vegan bread, cakes, pizzas and croissants among other delicious treats. The carrot cake and fruit bread are hot on the locals’ favorite lists and are a must try for everyone.

Het Zaanse Bakkertje

Koffie Ende Koeck

Savor the sumptuous treats and carefully blended coffee over a cozy atmosphere at the Koffie End Koeck. This vegan bakery and restaurant offer an excellent assortment of vegan pastries such as their world famous muffins. The great prices and friendly services are a great bonus.

You can also enjoy other healthier options including vegan desserts and fresh vegan cheese in a selection of restaurants around Amsterdam.


Cater to your sweet tooth cravings at the Vegabond restaurant and store in Leliegratch. Indulge in a variety of tasty and healthy sweets and pastries while enjoying an exclusive view of Amsterdam by the window. Some of the treats include mint sweets and other dairy-free bites. They also serve the best vegan donuts and carrot cakes.

For more healthy and tasty vegan food choices, please visit our vegan blog, the ultimate Vegan food guide in Amsterdam.

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