Vegan Protein

Are you vegan or do you find vegan food interesting? Veganfoodamsterdam offers you a wide range of food, superfoods and supplements. Exactly what you need, for every purpose. From premium raw materials.


“The nutritionists from products that we provide develop top-quality vegan foods to support you and your training. Exclusive raw materials and carefully tested recipes ensure premium fitness food”.

Vegan food is based on pure vegetable foods and is therefore basically lactose-free. If you use vegan food correctly, it’s very healthy. Even with carefully selected pure vegetable foods you can sufficiently absorb all essential nutrients. Vegan recipes are just as tasty and quick to prepare as classic recipes. Even if you want to build muscle or lose weight, there are ideal vegan recipes that will help you with your goal.

So you don’t have to miss a thing. Vegan protein, muffins or snacks as snacks are just as versatile as recipes with vegan food for muscle building or to lose weight.

Vegan protein provides you with high quality protein. Organic coconut oil and organic peanut butter provide flavour bombs while cooking or for snacks. The vegan supplements such as omega-3, creatine and L-glutamine promote the effects before and after the workout.

The vegan protein is a bomb of energy from peas, hemp seeds and sunflower seeds, which also serve as a BCAA source. Daily Vitamins provide you with the best from fruits and vegetables every day.

The absolute highlight as a snack are our vegan Crunchy Fruits. Dried fruits, as crunchy and intense as you’ve never tasted before. Of course, our vegan snacks contain no added sugar.

“Veganfoodamsterdam’s vegan supplements is subject to the strictest quality controls to meet your highest standards. Our unique vegan products are made from carefully selected raw materials and processed while retaining all the important nutrients”.