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Trees: we can’t do without them. They purify our air, offer animals a home and bring peace and tranquillity to our lives. Research shows that just looking at a photo (!) of trees already lowers our stress hormones. In our daily and hectic life, it can be nice to go outside to seek the tranquillity of nature and to feel the connection with mother nature again. Why not bring the feeling of being outdoors indoors? Have you already heard about Boommade?

Bring the outdoors indoors with a tree (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Homemade indoor plant

Boommade creates homemade interiortrees, in short: “Boommades”.
“Boom” means tree in Dutch.  Boommade is pronounced as homemade, with a B. It is Boommade’s mission to bring people and nature closer together. How? By bringing in (a) Boommade(s) in your home or office, so you can also enjoy the free, relaxed and connected feeling of being in nature inside.

What is a homemade indoor tree?

A Boommade is a handmade indoor tree and is made of a real, but dried, trunk in which artificial branches with artificial leaves (and flowers) are attached. Because of the combination of the real trunk with high quality artificial leaves, a Boommade can hardly be distinguished from a genuine tree. All Boommades have a solid and modern concrete base. Boommades come in different shapes and sizes. For example, Boommade offers small trees as table decoration, but also two-meter eye-catchers. Because the trees are made by hand and with natural material, each tree is unique. Check all different trees out at and get inspired by the lookbook!

Interior Tree

Sustainable Tree

Because Boommade is an ode to the tree, Boommades operates as sustainable as possible. Boommade uses trunks of fallen (dead) trees from Dutch forests or parks. These trunks and branches no longer have roots. This means the Boommades do not grow and do not require any maintenance! In conclusion: the ecosystem is not affected and no water and/or raw materials are needed. Finally, Boommade plants a real tree for every product sold. Already 400+ trees planted!!

Founder Boommade


Sophie Deckers (1992) founded Boommade in March 2018. As a nature- and interior lover, she wanted a real tree in her own house. Unfortunately the lack of sunlight in the Netherlands does not provide an ideal situation for a natural and growing tree. Therefore she decided to look for beautiful and stylish alternative artificial trees. Because she could not find the perfect tree she was looking for, she decided to make one of her own. Since the start, she has been able to make more than 150 Boommades.


Boommade and Vegan Food Amsterdam have joined forces and have a great summer-giveaway in store for you! We will make two people happy with our giveaway. What’s there to win? One happy winner will receive a small homemade olivetree or pink summer tree (choose your favorite!) plus a linen Boommade bag. The other lucky winner gets a unisex Veganfood Amsterdam t-shirt made of organic cotton.

Participate through Instagram by following and @Veganfoodamsterdam.

Find their latest Instagram post  and read the instructions on how to participate.

Extra information on the give away: 

  • Tag two friends that needs the tree or t-shirt
  • Share our post on your story will give you an extra possibility to win
  • Only people that have an address in the Netherlands can participate
  • The winners will be announced after a week

Good luck!

All pictures used in this blog are made by Sophie Deckers, the founder of Boommade.


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