Vegan Skin care

What feels better than consciously using 100% cruelty-free skincare every day? Little Wonderland has a wide range of vegan skincare. In our vegan skincare selection you will only find brands and products that are certain to be vegan: 100% cruelty free and of a natural nature. So you never have to feel guilty when taking care of your skin.

Really free of animal testing?

Good to know is that many brands claim to be vegan, but sell their products in China. According to Chinese law it is compulsory to test cosmetics and skin care on animals. No cosmetics or skin care products sold in China are therefore free of animal testing. In our selection of vegan cosmetics and skin care products there are no products sold in China. So you can be sure of truly animal friendly skin care and cosmetics.

Natural vegan skin care

Vegan skincare is nothing like other skincare products. In fact, it is often more natural and kind to the skin because the products are often softer in nature. In addition to beautiful, healthy skin, this makes you feel good about your contribution to a fairer world.