It is not surprising that the most hotspots of Amsterdam are located in the pijp, one of the oldest districts in Amsterdam. This melting pot of different cultures offers a rich variety of choice. This is the place where hipsters relish heartfelt at the trendy boutiques, health freaks responsible lunch and yuppies the weekend in with a well-deserved ‘Vrijmibo’ in one of the many cafes.

In the summer it is wonderful to stay on one of the chill terraces on the Gerard Douplein or the Marie Heineken square. This is also one of the best places to simply watch people. More meaning to wander around, drink coffees and go shopping in boutiques? Great chance of success on the Van Woustraat or the Ferdinand Bol street. And last but not least; to immerse yourself in the typical Amsterdam folk culture on the Albert Cuyp market. Oh, and do not forget to taste the poffertjes!

De waaghals Amsterdam

During the summer period in Amsterdam we usually have many vegan food festivals starting from May until late August where you can find different vegan food stands. You can easily find vegan raw food, vegan indian food or vegan thai food for example on these food festivals so you never get bored!

Below this thread you will find your way to all the places that we recommend going when you are visiting Amsterdam Zuid. Also make sure to follow our blog which goes a bit more in detail about experiences, recipes and tips to make your live easier.

8x Vegan Restaurants Amsterdam Zuid

  • Mylk: At Mylk you get a plate full of colored vegetables that not only make vegans and vegetarians very happy. Whether you like meat or not, the tasteful meals at Mylk Amsterdam you work with love inside. The dishes are mostly vegan, although there are also a few dishes with fish and / or dairy for lovers. The ingredients are local, seasonal and organic.
    Location: Strawinskylaan 77, Amsterdam –
  • Zest for Life: This raw food café in Amsterdam-Zuid is ideal for breakfast and lunch. They have a nice menu and you can also go to detox for them: you can do massages and beauty treatments here.
    Location: Van Baerlestraat 45HS, Amsterdam –
  • Hearth: A concept store where you can also eat a vegan bite, and that on a swing. Indicate that you are vegan, not everything on the menu is vegan. Go for a nice soup or one of the cakes.
    Location: Albert Cuypstraat 208H, Amsterdam –
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar: As the name suggests, Vegan Junk Food Bar is a junk food bar where you can only order vegan snacks. Think of vegan bitterballen, vegan hamburgers, vegan mayonnaise. Yummy! There are two locations, on the Overtoom and in De Pijp.
    Location: Staringplein 22, Amsterdam –
  • De Waaghals: The Waaghals is a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam where the organic map looks different every month. Dishes are vegan or vegan. Ideal. If you do not feel like staying, you can also take them home.
    Location: Frans Halsstraat 29, Amsterdam –
  • Vondelpark 3: At the Vondelpark with a nice big terrace. A menu with enough more then enough vegan options.
    Location: Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam
  • The Barn: Organic and from their own garden! They have enough vegan options.
    Location: Gustav Mahlerlaan 841A, Amsterdam
  • Le Pain Quotidien: They always have great vegan salads and sandwiches. In addition, they also have tasty gluten-free bread.
    Beethovenstraat 56, Amsterdam

Do you have an awesome hotspot in Amsterdam that people have to know about? Reach out to us for exposure!

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