Looking for a nice Vegan Food Festival in or near Amsterdam?

On this page you will find an overview of the nicest food festivals in or near Amsterdam.

Veggie Festival
The organization of the Veggie Festival at the NDSM shipyard also wants to spread the vegan love in an educational way. In addition to a lot of food stalls, lectures on vegetarian and vegan life are given. They also thought about the children: the Veggie Festival promises enough entertainment for children, so that you can eat your soy burgers unbothered.
Friday 15 to Sunday 17 June (NDSM shipyard, entrance fee € 7.95)

Vegan Foodie Festival
During this festival you won’t have food trucks in a circle on an open field, but a dozen of ‘vegan friendly’ restaurants through the city. Between 23 and 27 may they will put a vegan dis on the table. Whether or not the word festival isn’t completely in place here – we will call it a festival. But if you’re into vegan, this is a great time to discover new eateries.
Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 May (different locations)

Funky Vegan Festival
On the beach in the middle of the industry area of the Houthavens a lot of food trucks will gather for this festival. On Saturday, July 14, those food trucks will only serve vegetable drinks and food. Besides of those pop-up restaurants their will also be a dj and a live band.
Saturday, July 14 (Dok Amsterdam)

A vegan food and drink festival in the heart of Rotterdam.
This summer in Rotterdam the first Vegan Food & Drinks Festival will take place. A vegan food festival with exclusively vegan food trucks and market stalls. Of course there are enough craft beers and natural wines to accompany all that goodies. Expect a two-day festival in one of the most beautiful parks near Rotterdam Central, with good food, drinks, snacks, workshops and fun performances.
Not a real festival but such a nice event with a lot of vegan food. At this place you can experience what a vegetable future can look like. Get to know the most progressive producers and products from many countries Taste dishes that you didn’t think were possible, buy the latest animal-proof vegan beauty products and be surprised and inspired by cooking demonstrations, interactive lectures and renowned speakers.

Vegan Food Festival

The brand new Vegan Food Festival welcomes you to a unique 3-day experience full of mesmerizing vegan delicacies, entertainment and learning opportunities! The festival will host 30 food and vegan-related stands along with great live music, workshops, sports competitions and talks.

Friday 10 to Sunday 12 August (Westergasfabriek, free entrance)

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