Vegan Falafel at Mama's Keuken Amsterdam

In the van Woustraat near the Lutmastraat is Mama’s Kitchen; the takeaway restaurant of the Syrian Eyad Khamis. Upon arrival, customers are greeted with atmospheric lighting and a glass counter behind which a wide range of authentic Syrian dishes are presented.

Mama’s keuken – Authentic Syrian Dishes

Delicious food from the Middle East

Mama’s Keuken in Amsterdam Zuid offers delicious dishes from the Middle East. You can expect homemade falafel, mazza, Syrian bread and much more. Enjoy the rich scents and flavours of this delicious cuisine.

Delicious Falafel made with Love

Owner and cook Eyad is a smiling Syrian man who came to the Netherlands a few years ago. In his description of the food, Eyad emphasizes the importance of the emotion it contains: “Clients notice that everything is made with love”. The attention and care that has been put into it is indeed not to be missed: the food, but also the furnishings. As long as it is homely and cosy. Typical Dutch actually.

Vegan and Vegetarian Menu

This restaurant has a complete vegetarian menu with vegan options as well. You can always discover delicious vegetarian dishes here. This is also a perfect option for lovers of meat and fish dishes. The dishes are unique and very tasteful. Bring your carnivorous friends along for a unique experience of vegetarian cuisine. Mama’s Keuken also offers many gluten-free options.

De Pijp

Vegetarian Arabic Food

The restaurant is located in De Pijp. The interior is an oasis of tranquillity.

Adres: Van Woustraat 184A, 1073 LZ Amsterdam

Opening Hours: Everyday from 12:00 till 21:30

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