Looking for a nice Vegan Breakfast in Amsterdam?

Hereby an overview of 8 great places for a vegan breakfast:

Beter & Leuk
In this cozy shop in Amsterdam Oost you can go for the tastiest gluten-free and vegan dishes such as buckwheat pancakes or a sweet potato filled with lentil curry. The interior will give you a reminiscent of a large living room full of vintage furniture. A turntable is turned in the corner. At Beter en Leuk you will also find fair presents and clothing and maps with illustrations by Sanny van Loon. Walk in on Wednesday for a Tarot session or follow one of the other workshops. And oh yes, the vegan high tea you have to try anyway (on an empty stomach!) And from 16h a large part of the dishes to pick up.

Mook Pancakes
Crazy about pancakes? Then go to Mook Pancakes in Amsterdam West for a beautifully served pancake, richly topped with your favorite toppings. On the menu they have vegan variants and if you ask for it, they are happy to bake a gluten-free pancake for you. Besides pancakes, you can go here for stuffed avocados, delicious juices and even a nice wine. Mook is open all day, so dining with a pancake is possible too!

Vegan pancakes

The Meets
In Amsterdam zuid you have vegan food restaurant The Meets, where 80% of the ingredients consist of vegetable products. So you can enjoy coconut yoghurt with granola or crispy vegan sushi rolls! The vegan burger also seems to be highly recommended, but unfortunately it is not gluten free.

SNCKBR has special pancakes & vegan milkshakes on the menu. Real thick fluffy american pancakes with the tastiest toppings you can think of. The pancakes themselves are made from buckwheat flour, coconut cream, coconut blossom sugar & banana. Totally vegan! There are Purple Haze pancakes with beetroot, blueberry and coconut blossom syrup. But the Sweet Cheezus with mascarpone, ginger and orange is also a good choice. In addition to the pancakes, vegan freakshakes are now also on the menu!

How does your vegan paradise look like? If you thought of a cozy lunchroom offering sublime all-vegan food combined with a grocery store equipped with everything you need to prepare delicious vegan dishes, then Vegabond is without a doubt the right place for you! Enjoying breakfast with one of their homemade hummus wraps will make you come back for more! Try their summer rolls. They serve those rolls with delicious peaunut sauce. Starting your day with a fresh vegan donut is not a sin, but a greatness.

Pain au chocolate? Rainbow smoothiebowl? No-tuna melt bagel? DopHert has it all. Every day except Tuesday you are welcome from 10 am for an extensive vegan breakfast or vegan brunch.

Spirit Amsterdam
Spirit is one of the few complete vegan restaurants that are open every day from 8 in the morning. Even on the saturday morning you can come by for a vegan scone, a stack of apple-cinnamon pancakes and an oat latte. All the food (and drinks) at Spirit are also organic.

Spirit Amsterdam

SLA vegan breakfast bar
SLA has something new Amsterdam: the breakfast bar! On their locations at the Amstelveenseweg and Zuidas you can go from 8 am to 11 am for overnight cinnamon oats, a green smoothie bowl or chia vanilla pudding. Or prepare your own vegan breakfast: choose a base, fruit, granola and a topping and create your ideal vegan breakfast bowl.

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