Vegan Cheese Amsterdam

Vegan Cheese Amsterdam

Cheese is definitely one of the biggest guilty pleasures, and we notice that people are secretly not really willing to give up or even cut it down. High time to look for worthy replacements. Your place to visit for vegan cheese is Mr. & Mrs. Watson in Amsterdam.

Vegan Cheese and Vegetarian Cheese in Amsterdam

Vegans often also admit that they no longer know so well how cheese actually tasted. So it may happen that they promote Wilmersburger, while for a cheese eater it is totally impossible to eat for some people.

People have no idea how they would ever have to live without a creamy camembert, spicy blueberry cheese or tasteful redbacter cheese. At the same time, we are becoming increasingly aware of the negatives’ consequences for animals and the environment and we would like to open up to vegetable alternatives. But then it must be good!

Vegan cheese

Where to eat Vegan Cheese in Amsterdam?

Mr. & Mrs. Watson is a full vegan restaurant in Amsterdam Oost. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding, the doors opened for the first time in August 2017. The restaurant was already famous for its homemade cheeses, so they had to be tasted of course! Shortly after the opening it finally happened.

The cheeses! That’s what it was for us to do and you can get a piece of smoked cheese, roquefort and camembert. The smoked cheese was based on cashew nuts and had the structure of a hearty cheesecake.

The camembert! He has a real fungus crust.  The only thing that makes you notice that it is not real cheese is because it is not so creamy and does not ‘walk’, Good taste, good structure. Not too much coconut oil or a sour aftertaste as  with other vegan cheeses.

The roquefort is another impressive piece of kitchen art and was made on the basis of almonds.  The roquefort is a lot softer and therefore seemed a bit creamier than the other cheeses

Awarded as a winner in the Entree Awards for its outstanding success and the PETA Vegan Food Awards for the best vegan cheese, Mr. & Mrs. Watson and their plant-based cheeses will continue to amaze you over and over again! Keep in mind that some vegan cheeses are still highly processed so even though it does have a positive impact on the planet you should always pay close attention to your diet.

Make sure to visit this place and have a read through our other blogs to find more about vegan food in amsterdam!

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