Vegan Ice Cream Amsterdam

Vegan ice cream in Amsterdam

Vegan ice cream is definitely the food trend of 2018. Every month, vegan and non-vegan brands come up with the news that they will launch a vegan ice cream. Nowadays, the large supermarkets, organic shops and ice cream parlors have a wide range of ice cream that is free from animal ingredients.Thank you Ben & Dougie for bringing your vegan ice cream to Amsterdam. Even as a vegan, it is hard to avoid all the ice cream, because of this trend there are a lot of vegan ice cream options in Amsterdam. We have done our best to make a great list with those ice creams.

13x Vegan Ice Cream Amsterdam


Beautiful vegan pies, creamy milkshakes and now a vegan soft ice machine! Dophert has to offer you plenty of delicious vegan ice cream flavours such as Tumeric Latte and Maple Speculoos! And to make it even better, you also have a wide selection of toppings to dress you dairy-free ice cream!


This little vegan paradise besides having great vegan food, sweets and groceries, they also offer delightful vegan ice cream with flavours such as Caramel Pecan Praline, Hunky Punky Chocolate and even vegan cornettos! The beautiful view of the canals next to this vegan lunchroom will certainly make a perfect spot for you to enjoy a refreshing ice cream on a sunny day!


Looking for variety and proximity?  IJscuypje has 15 shops across Amsterdam! So you will always have one close to you whenever you need that tasty vegan break. On top of that, they offer 18 different flavours and all their sorbets are 100% vegan: Freshly made in their kitchen. Mango passion fruit, kiwi and chocolate are just a few of the vegan delicacies they have prepared for you.

Ice Parlor Tofani
The Italian ice cream parlor Tofani serves delicious traditional ice cream. They are located in the city centre of Amsterdam, near the Damrak. Not only ice cream with dairy, but also many vegan options such as ginger and chocolate.

Vegan magnums
Yes, it is not a joke, there are vegan magnums available. These magnums are made from rice milk and are very tasty. They are vegan, lactose free, gluten-free and fair trade. You have two types. The milk variant and a pure one.
Bon Ice magnums are for sale at the organic store Ekoplaza

Professor Grunschnabel
It is 100% natural and plant-based; free of dyes, preservatives and synthetic fragrances flavors and also lactose, gluten and soy-free. They have all kinds of ‘creamy’ and ‘fruity’ flavors (which everyone has to test) For sale at supermarkets (AH, jumbo and bio shops). Overview of some nice flavours from their assortiment: Banana Bahiana (banana, coconut milk, bourbon vanilla), banana coconut milk and vanilla.

Non-Diary Ice Cream

Water ice creams
Festini ice creams are well known. The famous water ice creams are just for sale at the supermarket. The Festini strawberry and pear are vegan.

Swedish Glace ijs
Swedish Glace ice cream! Not very healthy, but easy if you want to serve ready-to-eat vanilla ice cream. It is made based of soy and almost indistinguishable from the normal ice cream vanilla variety. Available at the regular dutch supermarkets and available in the flavors raspberry and vanilla.

Ben & Jerry’s
All the Vegans in the Netherlands were very happy when Ben & Jerry’s finally came to the Netherlands with their vegan ice cream. The ice cream is made from almond milk and is full of sugars.

Vegan Ben & Jerry's

The ice cream is made from cashew nuts and has flavors such as chocolate caramel and caramel pecan praline. For sale at Ekoplaza.

Coco Frostick (Abbot Kinney’s)
Abbot Kinney’s also have their own vegan magnum: the Coco Frostick. Made from airy, coconut ice cream with a dark chocolate layer. Available at Ekoplaza, Marqt and organic supermarkets.

The vegan Cornetto is made from soy milk and is almost indistinguishable from the original. Available at the Albert Heijn Supermarket.

Vegan ice cream from the ice cream parlors
Most ice cream parlors have enough vegan options. All sherbet flavors are often vegan (ask for certainty) Sorbet is fresher and also slightly healthier than the ice cream, because it contains less calories. A nice hotspot in Amsterdam for Vegan Ice cream is Leeuwen Icecream x Juicebrothers.

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