An overview of nice Vegan hotspots for a great lunch in Amsterdam

The time that you as a vegetarian – let alone vegan – had to have a lovingly prepared lasagne, is complete past. It is also vegan restaurants that spring from the ground like mushrooms – also ideal for the flexitarian. Not only do they seem to prepare delicious snacks here, vegan sweets that almost surpass the assortment in French patisseries (almost, we almost say), but especially food as a medicine. ‘Eating the rainbow’ is a cry that you often see on Instagram. In other words: fill your plate with as many colors of vegetables as possible so that you get all your vitamins. Looking for a nice place in Amsterdam to have a great vegan lunch. Our overview below will help you further:

At Vinnies, with two locations in Amsterdam center, breakfast and lunch are delicious, with plenty of vegetarian choices. From sandwiches with Dutch cheeses and surprising pesto, Baba Ghanoush and black bean hummus with avocado to vega frittata’s and cauliflower-buckwheat quiche. And our all time favorite: the warm lentil salad with green asparagus and a poached egg.

Meatless District creates a menu and environment that supports health and sustainability, but does not do this in a belligerent way. Here you can have tasty lunch and dinner, but there is also an extensive wine, beer and drinks menu.

MD Meatless District Burger

A hidden address where you can have a divine breakfast and lunch. And everything is tasty homemade; from the tarts to the jam with the croissants (made from fruit from our own vegetable garden). And then there is that nice porcelain service, and for those who are lucky: a mini-terrace on the sidewalk. Oh yeah: you can also have high tea here (just ask for the vegetarian options).

With CT coffee & coconuts you order coffee and drink coconut water from a coconut. But of course you can also go for all kinds of other tasty snacks and juices. An ideal place for a cup of coffee, complete vega lunch or dinner.
Order for example the Indian dahl with lentils, the Bangkok salad or the roasted beetroot with yogurt, tapanade of beet and walnuts.

Benji's Amsterdam

Fancy falafel, but vega? Donnies in de Pijp makes a delicious sandwich with ‘vegetarian chicken’.
With it you can order a portion of French friesor you can take a few delicious snacks, such as hummus from Goudentent on Ten Katemarkt. Drink a nice beer, or just a good glass of wine or cocktail. It can at least all and until after midnight.

Bar Spek has now become a classic in Oud-West. The card is extensive, but everyone still really comes back for the pizzettes and tasty (vega) sandwiches. Reserve on time and enjoy the busy atmosphere.

It’s time to put your quest for good vegan food to an end! DopHert is home for some of the most dazzling vegan dishes you will find in Amsterdam. The “Banh Mi” unique Asian flavors certainly make this vegan treat a hit for just 7,95 euros. The best for last! You can also order full-size vegan cakes that will leave you open-mouthed but for more!

Do you have an awesome hotspot in Amsterdam that people have to know about? Reach out to us for exposure!

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