Vegan lipstick in all shades

Lipstick is the secret weapon for creating a sensual, sophisticated or artistic look. Many badass women are known for their infinite love for lipstick. A well-known quote from Coco Chanel is: ‘If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.

And that’s just the way it is. Nothing is more dangerous than a strong, independent woman with a talking, animal suffering-free lipstick on her right lips, who fights and strives for a better, more beautiful world for people, animals and nature.

Why cruelty-free lipstick and vegan lip balm?

Unfortunately, there are still far too many animal tests carried out in the cosmetics business worldwide. But not only the animal tests are extremely animal unfriendly: also animal ingredients like beeswax and the bright red carmine are still often used in the beauty product.

Because both are not very animal-friendly, we refrain from using these animal ingredients. In addition, there are sometimes even dangerous substances, such as lead, incorporated in the conventional lipsticks you find in an average drugstore.

Which vegan lipstick suits you perfectly?

Vegan lipsticks are available in many different colours and finishes online at Veganfoodamsterdam. Are you looking for a unique shade or do you want a common colour? Both can be found quickly and easily at Veganfoodamsterdam! And which finish suits you best? Veganfoodamsterdam has vegan lipsticks with a matt finish and a glossy finish. Feel like shining or go for a tough but sexy lip look?