In general, the amount of vegan and vegetarian restaurants are increasing in Europe. Especially in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Within a few years the amount of vegan initiatives increased rapidly in Amsterdam. Therefore more and more people want to know where they can find the best vegan food in Amsterdam. In this article we will share our favorite vegan places.

Overview Best vegan food places in Amsterdam

1. H / eart.h
In Amsterdam Zuid you will find vegan restaurant H / eart.h. Their falafel waffle with spinach, guacemole and vegan aioli is highly recommended! In addition to their delicious vegan dishes (lunch and dinner), the space is also used as an art gallery. There is also the possibility to buy clothing.

2. Golden Temple
Golden Temple is not a one-hit-wonder. They have been in the centre of Amsterdam for 40 years. We love their power bowls for the vegetarian and vegan. It is not a trendy place like most vegan hotspots. Their interior makes you feel like you’re in Nepal. They have great options on the menu: Colorful, healthy dishes without meat or fish such as Iranian quinoa, Indonesian tempeh salads and light Vietnamese rice paper rolls.’

Vegan Lunch Amsterdam

3. Bardak
Are you a fan of streetfood? If you’re go to this place. They use the street food of style of Tel Aviv to serve their shared dishes.
Very important: every Monday is Vegan Day with a special vegan menu, from mushroom shawarma, baked cauliflower, burnt eggplant and more.

4. Mr. & Mrs. Watson
The vegan restaurant in Amsterdam East is famous for their homemade vegan cheese. That is a great thing, based on our own experience we know that making tasty vegan cheese is not that easy.

5. Meatless District
At Meatless District they have very tasty sweet potato fries. Those fries are not baked in the oven, but crunchy fried. They also serve their burgers with gluten-free buns. Their menu is full of highlights, but the last highlight we want to share with you is their mason jar salad, filled with lots of vegetables and some cereals. Thank us later!

Vegan Fast Food Amsterdam Burger

At Morris & Bella, their main focus is vegetables. They are so focused on the vegetables that the base of their menu is vegetables and you can complement those vegetables with meat, fish or cheese. A nice place to go if you’re with friends that want to eat meat.

In a small building on the Prinsengracht you can find a sushi walhalla. Poké Perfect makes the best pokébowls and sushirittos. These are variations on sushi, where the pokébowl consists of sushi rice and various ingredients in a bowl and a sushi condo is actually a mega sushi, served as a burrito.

As a basis you can choose from sushi rice, lettuce, kale or quinoa. Then choose your premium with crunchy tofu as a vegetarian option. To make the bowl complete, you are looking for different tasty toppings, such as mango, seaweed, sweet potato, edamame and much more. Finally choose a fresh sauce and finish with a final touch, such as roasted seaweed flakes. Feel free to visit this place if you want to enlighten your day!

pokeperfect sushi bowl


As a vegan, you’ll love this place at the Bilderdijk neighbourhood in Amsterdam west. Why? They don’t serve meat on their menu! The pizzas are fresh and special: For example, try the combination of zucchini or truffle, or grilled vegetables and vegan cheese.
Location: Eerste van der Helststraat 78H, 1072 NZ Amsterdam

Vegan pizza












Ninour is an organic and vegetarian restaurant, but there are also vegan dishes on the menu. Ninour is located in Amsterdam Zuid. You might first think that Ninour is a concept store with different interior items, gifts, children’s clothing and vintage items, but Ninour is more than that. You can also got here for a delicious vegan breakfast and lunch.
Location: Eerste Jan Steenstraat 109, 1072 CP Amsterdam

At Spirit you do not only eat 100% organic, but also 100% vegetarian. They have a lot option for vegans like buckwheat pancakes, miso soup, gyoza with black beans, red curry with lentils, spring rolls, raspberry ice or black sesame ice cream. At Spirit you can scoop up by yourself and you pay for what you buy. As long as your eyes are not bigger than your stomach, you also help with the fight against food waste. The buffet clearly indicates whether a dish is vegan or not.
Location: Czaar Peterstraat 2a, Amsterdam

At SLA you can eat salads, soups and snacks that are so delicious, that you forget that it is healthy. The smoothies and cold-pressed juices are all vegan. At SLA you can also put together your salad exactly as you wish. Whether you like to eat vegetarian, vegan or gluten free: Our menu is accessible to everyone. With five locations in Amsterdam, there is always an SLA in the neighborhood. The vegan veggie bowls and the vegan sweet potato soup are also great.

Location: Ceintuurbaan 149, Amsterdam
Location: Claude Debussylaan 35, Amsterdam
Location: Westerstraat 34, Amsterdam
Location: Utrechtsestraat 10HS, Amsterdam
Location: Middenweg 55B-H, Amsterdam

12. Zoku
Zoku is a beloved work hotspot in Amsterdam. Why? It feels like a super trendy living room with the ideal work vibe. In addition, it has a gigantic rooftop and a great kitchen where you can eat vegan and not vegan, but very healthy.
Location: Weesperstraat 105, 1018 VN Amsterdam

13. Benji’s
Think of this scenario: A healthy buddha bowl – filled with all those rainbow-colored vegetables that vegans have their mouth full of – to leave room for … red velvet pancakes. Of course we had to go by to try them out ourselves. Red velvet pancakes with mascarpone where the steam comes from if you cut it in half. Through the interior, a true urban jungle, you also imagine yourself outside the city bustle – even though Benji’s is located on the somewhat gray Wibautstraat in Oost.

14. The Bolhoed
By the interior and absence of social media – taking pictures of your food is still allowed – you can already read: The Bolhoed does not do hipster practices. And why should they? The atmosphere is cozy, and the vegan menu fantastic. Dishes full of fresh salads, homemade hummus, brown rice, light curries and quiches.

15. The Meets
At The Meets in Amsterdams Rivierenbuurt (edging on De Pijp) they believe in balance: What comes out of the kitchen here is 80% vegetable, with the use of up to 20% animal products. You will find vegan croissants and sugar-free cakes, as well as well-stocked salads, fresh juices and much more.

Vegan food


16.Beter & Leuk
Beter & Leuk has besides vintage clothing and accessories also a lunchroom and caterer who is just a house number next to it, of which you want to try the vegan menu. Classics on the menu are bibimbap, the Dutch weed burger and various thick slices of bread. Furthermore, new recipes are often tried out, such as melanzane. You do not have to starve here: With every order you get a large portion with various salads.

17. Dignita
In Amsterdam Zuid you will find Dignita : An open, light space, divided over two floors, and a menu that is both resourceful – a zucchini-covered pastry with fresh mint yoghurt and grilled haloumi cheese or the earthworks salad bowl, which is always vegan but with which the ingredients change – to eggs that are in every possible way before you are baked, boiled or poached. They cook here with local products that are as organic and fair trade as possible. Just around the corner you will also find Lavinia’s newest location, where you can also enjoy an abundance of vegan delicacies.

18. Dophert
Dophert in Westerpark proves once again that vegan food is far from boring. ‘Eating the rainbow’ gets a completely different meaning here, but this eatery and caterer is not just reserved for a sweet tooth. They have countless unparalleled brunch options, which you can also take home.

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