Vegan Pancakes Amsterdam

Great Vegan pancakes in Amsterdam

SNCKBR now has special pancakes & vegan milkshakes on the menu. Real thick fluffy american pancakes with the tastiest toppings you can think of. The pancakes themselves are made from buckwheat flour, coconut cream, coconut blossom sugar & banana. Totally vegan! But now the tricky part comes: you have to choose which pancakes you are going for. There are Purple Haze pancakes with beetroot, blueberry and coconut blossom syrup. But the Sweet Cheezus with mascarpone, ginger and orange is also a good choice. Or do you prefer a savory version with tofu and spinach?

Vegan pancakes

Vegan freakshakes
In addition to the pancakes, vegan freakshakes are now also on the menu! And it’s not an exaggeration: those things taste freaking good and they look like getting through a ring. The shakes are so big that it is almost a meal in itself, but for milk shakes we always have a place in our stomach. If you are a real sweet tooth I would choose Tha Sugadaddy. Not so very healthy due to the large pieces of brownie and the vanilla ice cream, but a super tasty treat. If you are a real fruit lover I would take the Macho Mango, extra special because of the spicy twist. The peanut butter fans have also been taken into account: The Nutty Banoffee with banana chips and coconut whipped cream looks surprisingly good.

More about SNCKBR
Besides the beautiful food you can also look your eyes at the original interior at SNCKBR in Amsterdam West. The bar is full of polaroid photos and the lucky cat next to the stairs will beckon you when you walk upstairs. The walls are full of large plants and the small cactus on the tables make it complete. Furthermore, the device is very industrial with a lot of iron and coarse lampshades. From the high tables on the balustrade you have a beautiful view over the bustle of the Kinkerstraat.

SNCKBR is, however, far from being just a place for getting mouth-watering vegan pancakes and milkshakes. SNCKBR also offers a wide range of vegan dishes free of artificial preservatives and refined sugars while maintaining a strict fat control. From irresistible gluten-free fries to exquisite burgers, pizzas, noodles soups and much more, SNCKBR will offer you an explosion of vegan flavor!

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