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In our 100% online vegan store you will find a unique assortment of shoes, belts and bags, vegan cookbooks, animal proof free cosmetics and more fair trade lifestyle products such as bamboo clothing. Durable and fashionable vegan products made without animal suffering. Especially for sustainable and conscious consumers, vegetarians and vegans.

Every year hundreds of millions of animals are used for fashion. The animals suffer during their existence and this is unnecessary. There are beautiful materials available that are a nice replacement. On our webshop you will only find vegan clothing, vegan tshirts, bags and shoes.

100% biodegradable
There is too much waste in the world. In fashion, something is regularly thrown away because it is old or because it is out of fashion. Unfortunately, this is left behind by chemicals on the earth because it is not degradable.

Recycled products
Old products and materials that get a new life. We chose for products that can be recycled.  There are brands that use old jeans to knit beautiful new plaids.

Made under Fair trade conditions 
Many brands work with the Fair Wear certificate and communicate the certificate because they make fair clothing (also called Fair Trade clothing). This means :
* fair wages
* fair working hours
* no child labor
* no forced labor.

For the brands that do not have this certificate, much is checked on the same conditions to ensure that the production runs as fairly and as smoothly as possible.

How to shop vegan online?

A question that we already receive is, how do you know that the products of a brand are really vegan, sustainable or fairtrade? Sounds quite complicated to figure this out. We also thought that in the begining. Where do you start looking, which criteria do you use and how do you really know whether a brand is sustainable? Many brands are not open about that or have a vague description on their website. In that case you know enough. These are 3 tricks how you can find out if a brand is reliable:

  1. Go to the website of the brand. What do they themselves say about sustainability? Let them see something? Do they have a seal of approval?
  2. What do others say about the brand? Read articles in which the brand is mentioned.
  3. Where is the brand sold? At a store that considers sustainability important?

Where to shop vegan near me in Amsterdam?

Nice children’s shop with Scandinavian clothing brands Duns, Danefae and Maxmorra, and good clothing from Hopsan,  Picallily, Kidscase, Tapete and more

One of the most famous sustainable clothing stores is Nukuhiva. Presenter Floortje Dessing opened her first store in Amsterdam in 2006, where you can purchase clothing from, among others, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Kuyichi and Armedangels. Fine extra are the honest lifestyle products and accessories that you find here.

The Faire Oosten
At the two Faire Oosten stores, you can buy sustainable men’s, women’s and children’s clothing from well-known and less well-known sustainable brands. You will find People Tree and ArmedAngels but also Studio Jux, Matt & Nat, Prana and Lanius.

Honest Where 
In the center of Amsterdam you will find this store full of honest fashion from, among others, Knowledge Cotton, Mud Jeans and Rains.

At this store on the Westerstraat you can go to borrow honest and sustainable clothing. You can also buy it if you completely fall in love with a particular item of clothing. You can also borrow the clothing online. By borrowing clothes, you can satisfy your need for new clothing without having to add extra resources or labor.