Vegan T-shirts

Everything about Vegan T-shirts made of organic cotton

Fair Trade Vegan Shirts

Sustainable clothing is becoming more and more popular with the mainstream shoppers. You can hardly walk into a clothing store or shop online without seeing organic clothing. What exactly are vegan t-shirts? And what is the difference between normal t-shirts and vegan t-shirts? Organic cotton is almost the same as ordinary cotton. The difference is that Organic cotton is grown without the use of agricultural poison as pesticides.

What is a vegan t-shirt?

In order to ensure that the cotton plants are not affected by critters, the cotton plant is heavily sprayed with all kinds of bad chemical pesticides. Not good for the cotton crop, the environment, the cotton farmers and the local population. The chemicals increasingly deplete the soil and pollute groundwater and air. This makes cotton the most polluting agricultural product in the world. Therefore we create vegan t-shirt made from organic cotton by using a natural cultivation method: 

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides. In order to ensure that the crop is not eaten by insects, other insects are used to prevent these harmful insect populations. Vermin is also controlled by applying botanical plant extracts. And a lot of crop rotation takes place to keep the nutrients in the soil.

Organic cotton is also picked old-fashioned by hand. Because to be able to pick it mechanically, chemical defoliator must be used and that is of course not allowed. This way of producing t-shirts is environmentally friendly and there so called as vegan t-shirt