Are you a vegan and also a fanatic athlete? Then taking nutritional supplements is of the utmost importance. While exercising you consume a lot of energy, you also burn a large amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients and vitamins need to be replenished. This can be done through a healthy meal, but the body can’t process the meal as quickly and replenish the energy deficit. That takes a while. Do you want to recover faster? Then use nutritional supplements. Food supplements make your muscles recover faster and speed up energy production. For example, you can use a food supplement with vitamin B to increase energy production. Vitamin B has the function of releasing energy from carbohydrates so that more energy is produced. But also protein shakes or food supplements with protein and amino acids are important for vegan athletes. Proteins ensure growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Do you train a lot? Then your body needs more protein. If you’re vegan you don’t eat dairy, a product that contains a lot of protein. By using a dietary supplement you can meet this protein need. Would you like to live a vegan and healthy life and exercise? Then taking food supplements is indispensable.