Benefits of making your own face mask

Healthy ingredients

This mask is ideal because it is so filleted, you probably already have the ingredients and that those ingredients are also good for your skin. Raw cocoa, oatmeal and avocado. How great that it is actually healthy when you eat them, but also when you put them on your skin.

What is it good for?

Raw cocoa contains a lot of anti-oxidants that rid your skin of free radicals. Cacao also protects against skin ageing. Raw cocoa also narrows the pores.

Oatmeal is known to have a pure and anti-inflammatory effect. That is why oatmeal is recommended as a facial mask in case of rashes and eczema, for example.

Mask with oatmeal and banana

Finely ground oatmeal is also an ideal combination with mashed banana. Very fine with dry skin because it moisturises and soothes.


You can see it in so many care products on sale in the shops these days: avocado. Not surprising, because the green friend contains enzymes, oils and vitamin E that are good for your skin. These ingredients would keep your skin elastic and young.

And now: make your own face mask with cocoa and oatmeal.

Now that you know how these tasty ingredients work, you can start using the mask. You make the mask with or without avocado,

Preparation face mask

  • Grind a tablespoon of oatmeal in a mortar or food processor
  • Grind a piece of avocado of 2 by 2 cm (you can also omit this)
  • Put a large teaspoon of raw cocoa powder (for sale at Jumbo, AH or organic shops) in a bowl and mix it with the oatmeal and avocado.

Note: if you omit the avocado: use a dash of water to mix the ground oatmeal and cocoa powder into a thick mixture.

  • Spread the mixture on your face, neck and possibly chest. Leave to work for 12-15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.