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In recent years, the concept of vegan has become more and more important for many ladies, and Veganfoodamsterdam understands that! If you’re a nature and animal lover and a vegan lifestyle is very important to you, you don’t have to limit your vegan lifestyle to just vegan food. Because (fortunately) all of Veganfoodamsterdam’s range is cruelty free, or too cruelty-free for that matter, but that’s not all! Nowadays there is also vegan make-up. From vegan mascara and vegan eyeliner to vegan foundation and vegan concealer… Your whole make-up stash can be vegan! The same interesting price and best quality but developed in such a way that the makeup doesn’t contain animal ingredients! This should appeal to everyone.
A no go or the latest trends and beautiful products?
Vegan food is completely free of animal products so no meat and fish but also dairy and eggs are a no go. And clothes like fur, leather, down and wool don’t wear vegans. But vegans still eat deliciously and wear the most beautiful clothes! This also counts for vegan make up. A vegan make up stash contains the latest trends and beautiful products, with a mega good quality.

What is the difference between cruelty free and vegan make up?

Vegan makeup and animal-tested makeup are not the same! Animal test free makeup says something about testing the makeup while vegan makeup is about what ingredients the makeup is made with. In the vegan makeup ingredients list you won’t find any animal raw materials. For example, this 100% natural make-up does not contain beeswax or snail mucus. However, you can find these ingredients in the ingredients list of non-animal makeup. Fortunately, this make-up has not been tested on animals but that says nothing about the ingredients that are used. So there is a clear difference between vegan make-up and cruelty-free make-up.

More brands with vegan makeup products

More and more brands are fully vegan or offer vegan products in their assortment. A very nice development! Because more and more attention is being paid to a vegan lifestyle, makeup brands can’t stay behind and respond to this. Just like Veganfoodamsterdam, they also find animals and the elimination of animal suffering important! Veganfoodamsterdam has more than 20 brands that are completely or partially vegan in its range.

Quickly shop for your new & favourite vegan make-up

A crush on a vegan brand or expanding your vegan stash? Nice, then you’ve come to the right place at Veganfoodamsterdam! At Veganfoodamsterdam you’ll find a lot of vegan makeup musthaves that are guaranteed to meet your requirements.