Going through life healthy, that’s something many people want. This can be done by doing sports, eating healthy food, giving up certain habits such as smoking or by a combination of the various measures. Some people also pay better attention to what they eat or drink and choose, for example, to eat little meat or drink no alcohol. There is also a group of people who go even further and leave certain foods behind. Think for example of vegetarians or vegans. A vegan doesn’t eat anything that is made of animals, that has been tested on animals or that comes from animals. So they don’t just leave meat, but also dairy products such as milk and eggs. It can then be quite a challenge to still eat healthily and get the right nutrients. Taking nutritional supplements can be a good addition to still get the necessary nutrients in meat or dairy products, for example.


In order to stay healthy and have enough energy, it is important to get the right foods. Every body has a certain need for energy. But if you follow a diet or a certain lifestyle such as veganism, for example, it can be difficult to get the necessary amounts of nutrients that the body needs. Taking creatine food supplements is then a good solution. Why is it a good solution? Because creatine as a natural nutrient mainly occurs in meat. It is therefore not strange that the word creatine originates from the Greek word Kreas’, meaning meat. If you maintain the vegan lifestyle you won’t eat meat and you’ll get less of this substance in the natural way. As a vegan you can then choose to eat more fish, but often your body doesn’t get the right nutrients quickly. Taking food supplements is a way to still get the right and needed nutrients.