Vegan Food Amsterdam

The amount of places in Amsterdam where you can find vegan food is growing. The time that a vegetarian or vegan had to choose between a few restaurants or one vegan meal in a restaurant in Amsterdam is over. At the moment there are a lot of places in Amsterdam with Vegan Food. Therefore we will provide you an overview of the best vegan hotspots in Amsterdam for each moment of the day

Vegan Supermarkets Amsterdam

In the most neighbourhoods you have the Ekoplaza this is an supermarket chain with organic food. There is another supermarket chain called Marqt that offers vegan food. This is a ‘feelgood’ supermarket that offers some artisanal products, expensive delicacies and some organic food.

Vegan Breakfast Amsterdam

Hereby an overview of the best places to breakfast with vegan food in Amsterdam.

Hummus Bistro D&A. At this place you have a lot of different kind of hummus. They offer a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. If you want to take a friend with you that is a meat lover they also serve meat. This place is in the centre of Amsterdam.
Koffie ende Koeck. This Vegan lunchroom is in the West district of Amsterdam. This place serves sandwiches, homemade cakes and a lot of other vegan food. This place is in Amsterdam West.
Beter en Leuk. They serve the famous dutch weed burger and also a lot of other vegan and vegetarian food. This place is in Amsterdam east.

Vegan Lunch Amsterdam

Hereby an overview of great places to have lunch with vegan food in Amsterdam.

This raw food café is located in Amsterdam Zuid. This cafe is perfect for an lunch. They also offer the possibility for an detox.
The Dutch Weed Burger Joint offers the famous Seaweed burger and other fast food snacks. They are located in Amsterdam West.
Juice Brother x Van Leeuwen: They offer healthy juices, snacks, vegan bowls and vegan ice cream.

Vegan Diner Amsterdam

Hereby an overview of some fine places to have dinner with vegan food in Amsterdam.
Vegan Junk Food bar. Are you looking for great junkfood? Vegan or no vegan just go here. This place is in Amsterdam zuid
Sla Westerstraat. Are you looking for healthy salades with toppings of your choice? be here in the city center of Amsterdam.
De Hummus house. A good place for vegans with good vibes in the centre of Amsterdam.

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