Brush your face with our Vegan Cleansers

One of the best moments of the day is removing your vegan make-up. As fresh and as fruity as you feel when you free your face from all make-up products.

Yet somewhere it always remains a bit sad when your makeup has been on fleek all day and you have to say goodbye to your killer look. Fortunately, tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to apply your make-up skills.

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Anyway, facial cleansing. This is very important for maintaining healthy, pure skin. Equally important is the quality of the cleansers you use.

In our vegan and fair range you will find sustainable, plant-based, vegan and therefore animal-friendly cleansing products that clean and care for your skin optimally, without sacrificing animal skin.

Away with vegan make-up: cleanse your skin of make-up residues, dead skin cells and dirt.

And you know that the vegan revolution is undeniable when even the big names move with the times and introduce a line of vegan products. For example, the well-known skincare brand GARNIER has now launched a bio-skincare line that is completely vegan.

The animal-free cleansing line includes a 100% natural konjac facial sponge, which removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin extremely soft, and a 100% vegetable-based toner based on organic thyme oil and salicylic acid, which reduces sebum production and helps mattify and soften the skin. How nice is that?

0% parabens, sulphates, alcohol and animal testing

FRECK’s cleaning products fall into a different, slightly more expensive price category, but are also of high quality. The products are not only cruelty-free and free of animal ingredients, but also gluten, paraben, sulphate and alcohol-free. So even for the most sensitive skins, the brand offers the perfect herbal cleansing.

Vegan cleansing tonic and milk with vitamin E

Is the use of all these different remedies a bit too much for you and would you rather keep it simple? Are you already half asleep, or are you running out of time? Don’t panic, because you will also find make-up wipes in our vegan cosmetics range. We totally get you, because make-up wipes get the job done in seconds.