Where we often lubricate until we weigh an ounce when it comes to our face, we skip the body too often. And all the while, good body care is essential to keep your skin hydrated. That’s why we’ve selected the finest vegan body care products for you. Vegan products that help freshen up, protect against the sun and moisturize your skin. All completely free from animal ingredients and animal testing.

Unfortunately, most body care products today still contain animal ingredients. You can think of propolis, stearic acid and beeswax. Animal ingredients are often cheaper and therefore a popular ingredient among manufacturers. The fact that animals are treated badly and even get killed is just a side issue. This is not taken into account. Do you get the jitters and/or do you simply not want to contribute to that, rest assured, don’t panic, the choice is huge. In that case, choose vegan body care products. We from Veganfoodamsterdam have listed the finest items for you.