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Overview of the best Vegan (and vegetarian) Restaurants in Amsterdam.

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An overview of Vegan food places like vegan food festivals, vegan shops and more.

A roundup of the very best for your vegan lifestyle with vegan hotspots, vegan recipes and more.

Vegan Food Amsterdam

We are the ultimate vegan food guide in Amsterdam and will advice you about the vegan food restaurants around town.  For each district in Amsterdam we have an overview of the vegan hotspots. Amsterdam consists out of the districts Centrum, Noord, West, Oost and Zuid. With us around it is not hard to be vegetarian or vegan in Amsterdam and you don’t have to waste time on finding a vegan junk food bar for instance. Make sure to check our Vegan Blog which is updated weekly with the newest vegan food restaurants, everything about vegan junk food and places to visit in Amsterdam.

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Latest Vegan Food blogs


Vegan Quinoa Recipe

Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is an annual plant from the amaranth family (Amaranthaceae). The species occurs as an adventurer in the Netherlands. Quinoa occurs naturally in South America. The cultivated variety has been an important food source…

Vegan Chickpea Recipe

The chickpea plant is 20-50 cm high and is glandular hairy. The leaves are oddly pinnate with thirteen to seventeen elliptical or reversed-ovoid leaves, the edge of which is sawn at the top. The plant flowers in June and July with white or red-blue…

Vegan Potato Recipe

The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a plant that stores an energy supply in the form of starch underground. The starch is stored in man-eatable stem tubers, which, like the plant itself, are called potatoes or potatoes. The potato is the most…
Chocolate Protein Bliss Balls

Vegan Chocolate Bliss Balls

Vegan Chocolate Protein Bliss Balls How To Make Vegan Protein Bliss Balls? Recipe makes 12 (Each ball contains 3.5g of protein) Ingredients⠀ 1/2 cup LSA from (ground linseed, sunflower seed and almond mix)⠀ 3 tbsp almond butter…
Vegan Black Bean Tofu

Vegan Black Bean Tofu

Vegan Black Bean Tofu How to make Black Bean Tofu? Black Bean Tofu Recipe: ⠀Ingredients 2 blocks (around 240g each) firm tofu, sliced into cubes or shape of choice⠀ 1 tbsp chinese-style fermented black beans 2 tbsp oil⠀ …
Vegan Ramen Amsterdam

Vegan Ramen Amsterdam

When you think of Japanese ramen (noodle soup) you think of a rich broth with deep, meaty flavors, a soft-boiled egg and a thick slab of tender pork. Chef Atsushi Ishida turned that idea upside down and recently opened a vegan ramen restaurant…

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