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Vegan Restaurants Amsterdam

Overview of the best Vegan (and vegetarian) Restaurants in Amsterdam.

Vegan Food

An overview of Vegan food places like vegan food festivals, vegan shops and more.

A roundup of the very best for your vegan lifestyle with vegan hotspots, vegan recipes and more.

Vegan Food Amsterdam

We are the ultimate vegan food guide in Amsterdam and will advice you about the vegan food restaurants around town.  For each district in Amsterdam we have an overview of the vegan hotspots. Amsterdam consists out of the districts Centrum, Noord, West, Oost and Zuid. With us around it is not hard to be vegetarian or vegan in Amsterdam and you don’t have to waste time on finding a vegan junk food bar for instance. Make sure to check our Vegan Blog which is updated weekly with the newest vegan food restaurants, everything about vegan junk food and places to visit in Amsterdam.

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In addition to the healthy Poké bowls that pop up all over town, vegan fast food is also a part of the city's vegan food offering. Besides Meatless District, Kebabi, Vegan Junk Food Bar and other places where they serve Vegan fast food. There…
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A vegetarian or vegan diet does not just have to consist of plates full of healthy vegetables. Everyone does not always feel like eating healthy. Sometimes you're in the mood for junk food, so you want to go to a vegan snackbar. Unfortunately…
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Vegan eggplant recipe

The eggplant is both a plant from the nightshade family and its fruit. The plant originates from Myanmar and was introduced by the Arabs in the Middle Ages in Spanish Andalusia. In the middle of the 15th century, the plant was introduced from…

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These vegan peanut butter cookies and dark chocolate are crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and only 8 ingredients are needed! The truth is that, despite how easy this recipe is, these cookies have an incredible result and it will only…
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Yes, you read that right the article will be about vegan shoes for all the vegan kings and queens in Amsterdam. The shoes range from vegan daily wear shoes, vegan winter shoes and also vegan boots. Vegan shoes are sold in Amsterdam to ensure…
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Vegan Asian Food in Amsterdam

For every vegan in Amsterdam or looking to tour these parts then there are great places serving delicious vegan food. The common misconception is if you go vegan you give up your favourite foods, that’s a lie as you can get anything you want…

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