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Vegan Food Amsterdam offers you everything about Vegan Food in Amsterdam

Vegan Restaurants Amsterdam

Overview of the best Vegan (and vegetarian) Restaurants in Amsterdam.

Vegan Food

An overview of Vegan food places like vegan food festivals, vegan shops and more.

A roundup of the very best for your vegan lifestyle with vegan hotspots, vegan recipes and more.

Vegan Food Amsterdam

We are the ultimate vegan food guide in Amsterdam and will advice you about the vegan food restaurants around town.  For each district in Amsterdam we have an overview of the vegan hotspots. Amsterdam consists out of the districts Centrum, Noord, West, Oost and Zuid. With us around it is not hard to be vegetarian or vegan in Amsterdam and you don’t have to waste time on finding a vegan junk food bar for instance. Make sure to check our Vegan Blog which is updated weekly with the newest vegan food restaurants, everything about vegan junk food and places to visit in Amsterdam.

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Vegan Shoes and Clothing Stores in Amsterdam

Vegan Shoes and Clothing Stores in Amsterdam

You can view vegan shoes and sustainable clothing in two ways. The first one is honestly produced clothing where the footprint is minimalized. You also have ‘good quality’ clothing. We think both are important when choosing clothes. Thus,…
Vegan Cheese Amsterdam

Vegan Cheese Amsterdam

Vegan Cheese Amsterdam Cheese is definitely one of the biggest guilty pleasures, and we notice that people are secretly not really willing to give up or even cut it down. High time to look for worthy replacements. Your place to visit for vegan…

Vegan Pancakes Amsterdam

Vegan Pancakes Amsterdam Great Vegan pancakes in Amsterdam SNCKBR now has special pancakes & vegan milkshakes on the menu. Real thick fluffy american pancakes with the tastiest toppings you can think of. The pancakes themselves are made…
Vegan Desserts and Sweets

Vegan Desserts and Sweets Amsterdam

Eating desserts and sweet makes life just a little more fun, nobody can deny that. Enough reason to share the best desserts with you! And because everyone loves sweets, we share the best places to eat vegan pastries in Amsterdam 9x Vegan Desserts…
Vegan Food Amsterdam Airport

Vegan Food Amsterdam Airport

Vegan Food Amsterdam Airport You are what you eat. That's why the flavor makers of LEON fastfood make that good for you. Fresh dishes with local products, which you can put your teeth into at any time of the day. From airy yoghurt full of fruit…

Best Vegan food Restaurants

BEST VEGAN FOOD RESTAURANTS AMSTERDAM The time that you as a vegetarian – let alone vegan – had to have a lovingly prepared lasagna, is behind you. Especially vegan restaurants are jumping like mushrooms – also ideal for flexitarians.…

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