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Why is veganism good?

We’ve asked 7 vegan influencers 7 questions about veganism. Each question will be an interesting article with 7 different answers on a subject. This is the first one that is focused on the subject ‘why you should go vegan’ and will therefore answer the questions ‘Why did you become vegan?’ and  ‘How long have you been vegan? We will also introduce you to those great vegan influencers that participated.

Why did you become vegan? How long have you been vegan?


2 years ago I switched to a vegan lifestyle, after being a vegetarian for about 8 years and I am so happy about this. Besides the feeling that I am doing something “good” for the animals, the climate and the world, I feel better and I feel healthy. It took me a while to find my way around, both in the kitchen and with the groceries (read: I was busy 3 times in the supermarket checking all the packaging and products on ingredients haha). I started creating recipes which I share on my blog. In addition to this, I really enjoy photographing, so voila … my blog!

Kim is 40 years old and enjoys yoga and sports and is the founder of



I became vegan 2 years ago. I went for dinner at a friend’s and he was vegan. I’m always open for new things, so I was curious why he was a vegan. He told me about it and showed me a famous documentary. Then I was interested, did some more research and decided to become vegan as well. It’s not only better for your health, but also leads to a more sustainable world and fights animal cruelty, which were decisive factors for me.

Julian is 28 years old and lives in Amsterdam. He mostly posts about menswear, his work and his plant based lifestyle.



Five years ago we became vegan. Tristan really wanted to live a more healthy life and Thera didn’t want to harm animals anymore in any form. Tristan was a big meat eater before but quit cold turkey. Thera was vegetarian since she was ten years old. After some time people were asking us to share our recipes, so we started Now Vetjebol is a guide for a vegan and sustainable lifestyle. After being vegan for a couple of years we started to look at other things in our lives. Like: Where are our clothes being made? Where does my food come from? What kind of chemicals are being used in cosmetics? We try to learn more and more everyday about living a green and conscious lifestyle.


Its about Health 

Unfortunately, I am not  vegan. However, I have been eating more vegan and vegetarian the past 1,5 years. Why? Because I think that it’s better for our world and community. I don’t think that we should be eating as much meat as we are now. First of all, it’s harmful for the animals. Second, it’s bad for our nature and planet. And lastly, it is, in my opinion, more healthy to eat less meat and more vegetables.

Nannique Spiek is 17 years old and owner of food and sports blog 


Over the past years, we’ve created a vegetarian diet step by step. The biggest reason for this decision was because of the environment and the polluting impact of the meat industry. Well, once you’re used to a vegetarian diet it’s quite easy to start with veganism. We have to admit we aren’t a hundred percent vegan, we just try to buy as little dairy or any other animal related products as possible. We don’t like to be too strict, we just try to improve ourselves on many aspects and to consume as conscious as possible. We hope to inspire our family and friends by cooking vegan meals to show them these recipes aren’t boring or not fulfilling.

Kirsten & Sophie are two girls from Amsterdam who met in Peru. They both love good food, coffee, going out for dinner, traveling and sustainability. This made them decide to start &


I‘ve been vegan for 9 months now. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! I decided to go fully vegan after visiting the Dominican Republic. Our resort was loaded with animal products which turned me off eventhough I wasn’t even vegan. After coming home I decided to watch tons of documentaries which opened my eyes! I went vegan in a day


She is a fulltime student and content creator



Cilla Zwarts-Vood, lives in Rotterdam and is the founder of
I became a vegetarian at the age of 12, and since 4 years I am now vegan. I had tried it once before to eat completely plant-based food and in the beginning I had some problems: It turned out that I could not do without omega 3, according to my doctor. Still it bothered me: How is it that there are so many vegans who had no problems? I started investigating myself and discovered that I could get my omega 3 from the source and that is the algae. Since then I’ve been taking algae oil and that’s going really well. Then there was another obstacle with egg and cottage cheese. I exercise a lot and in the fitness world they are still very old-fashioned: Animal proteins are “better” than vegetable ones. I started researching scientific studies and found that this thought is nonsense. Through a challenge on my blog I ate vegan for ten days and this was much easier than I thought.

Plant Ahead 

Because I love animals. When growing up, animals were a part of our family. We had pets at home and my mom also took care of many other animals in our neighborhood if they were in need of help. It never felt right to also eat animals, but that was “normal” and “good” for you. Also, I had other priorities. I was super ambitious and chasing my international career. When I was working for Tesla in California, I became much more aware of the bigger picture and the impact we have on our planet. I decided to live a plant-based life and to start my company Plant Ahead.

Miriam, Founder of, an international business based in Amsterdam.

We hope you liked the first of this sequence. We promise you that the upcoming 6 articles will also be very nice.

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