Vegan Trend or Hype?

Vegan Trends 2019

We’ve asked 8 vegan influencers 7 questions about veganism. Each question will be an interesting article with 7 different answers on a subject. This is the last article focused on the subject ‘Is veganism a trend or hype?’

What are the vegan trends or hypes for 2019?


It seems like veganism is very booming! More and more companies are coming out with vegan products on the market and that is a nice improvement! Non-vegans are also noticing this and I see more and more awareness among friends / family. They no longer eat meat every day, they now sometimes opt for vegan chicken pieces or a vegan burger. Even in restaurants, a vegan option on the menu is increasingly becoming the standard and when you call restaurants, they will lovingly prepare something vegan for you, I think that’s great! You also see 100% Vegan restaurants in the big cities more and more!

Kim is 40 years old and enjoys yoga and sports and is the founder of

Mark Schadenberg 

It differs, people are seeing the benefits of vegan food and that it’s easily accessible in many cities, therefore it’s becoming a trend. Social media also has its role in that. Many people (omnivores) and from villages see the WSS as a hype, because it is now so fast. Personally, I think the trend is going towards a 95% vegetable and 5% fish / meat diet for most people. Eating meat and fish is a habit for many and this is hard to break.

Mark Schadenburg


It is a trend at the moment and I like that, because the options at restaurants and in the supermarkets are growing. On the other hand I hope people won’t lose their focus on veganism . You’re vegan for the planet and animals as well, so it shouldn’t be temporarily.

Julian is 28 years old and lives in Amsterdam. He mostly posts about menswear, his work and his plant based lifestyle.

Julian Piket


Veganism is the only way to save the planet. So it’s a must. People have to be more conscious on what and how they consume. We believe that more and more people notice that. In a year from now you won’t have to ask for vegan options anymore, because they will always be there. We believe veganism will become mainstream in no time and we love it!

Its about Health 

I think that veganism is more of a trend rather than a hype. The trend of 2019? More and more coffees with plant based milk!

Nannique Spiek is 17 years old and owner of food and sportS blog 


We hope it’s an absolute trend. Due to lower capacities on earth and our growing population we just have to switch to plant based food more and more. In 2019 we expect there will be a growing offer of vegan products in supermarkets and restaurants. Hopefully this is the year veganism will become more accessible and common.   

Kirsten & Sophie are two girls from Amsterdam who met in Peru. They both love good food, coffee, going out for dinner, traveling and sustainability. This made them decide to start


Veganism is definitely used as a hype nowadays. Brands do tons of marketing to promote new vegan products. Which I think is great! However, we need to remember that being vegan is because of ethical reasons, not because of following a trend! We don’t believe that animals haVE to suffer for any foods, clothes or makeup.


She is a fulltime student and content creator


I am sure it is a trend that will continue to grow in the coming period. If large companies such as Unilever, Kips, Unox and Mora start investing in vegan products, then you know that a change is going on. I think the trends are mainly about ‘veganizing’ everyday products such as fish (for example, vegan salmon and sashimi have already been made), snacks (croquettes, croquettes, chicken corns etc.) and ‘real fake’ burgers such as those from Beyond Meat . This could persuade the “hardened” carnivore to give it a try and this could cause a tilt. Because if a fish fillet, a tuna salad or a smoking burger can be just as tasty, but without animal suffering? Then you take the animal-friendly variant, right? At least if you have a conscience 🙂


Cilla Zwarts-Vood, lives in Rotterdam and is the founder of

Plant Ahead 

It’s the future. It’s all part of a bigger movement to save our planet and build an Eco-Positive future. Politicians talk a lot about it, but it’s time for action. We all have to work together; People, politicians and businesses. In 2019 more companies will add vegan products to their product range. The fact that companies like Unilever have started, will motivate other companies and will make it reach the masses. I think we will also see more vegan non-food products and new materials. In the fashion and beauty scene more vegan and sustainable products are already popping up. My wallet is made from apple leather, how cool is that?! Even H&M just announced a vegan collection.

Miriam, Founder of, an international business based in Amsterdam.

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