Vegan Sushi

The truth is that making vegan sushi is much easier than it seems. You just have to do it with care and patience. Preparing vegan sushi is the perfect way to let your imagination create unique, delicious and fully vegan delicacies that you can share with your friends or for having a special evening with your partner!

Vegan Sushi Recipe


  • Seaweed (special for sushi)
  • Sushi rice (you can find it in oriental stores)
  • Avocado
  • Carrot
  • Tofu
  • Soy sauce or wasabi to accompany
  • You will also need a sushi rolling mat and cellophane paper

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  1. First, we wash the rice and cook it with twice as much water as rice. Once it is cooked, you could pour some vinegar to add some extra flavor or not, this is fully up to your tasting preferences.
  2. While the rice is resting, we can cut the tofu, the avocado and the carrot into strips as equal as possible and not too thick.
  3. We lined our sushi rolling mat with cellophane paper (transparent wrapping film) so that the seaweed does not stick.
  4. When we have all the ingredients, the most delicate process begins. Place the seaweed with the smooth side towards the mat and the porous upwards. We start to put a layer of rice on the seaweed with the hands wet so that it does not stick. Remember not to cover the whole seaweed with rise but to leave about one centimeter on each lateral so that later it is easier to “stick” when it is rolled up.
  5. Now we put the strips of tofu, avocado, carrot and then start to roll up the vegan sushi with the help of the mat and applying some pressure (especially in the first round, so that it is very compact.) We give the necessary turns to close it and with a little of water we moisten the line of seaweed that we left without rice to close our vegan sushi well.
  6. Now we cut in half and then half again in half to have 8 servings. In order not to deform them when cutting, you can moisten the knife with warm water.
  7. You can accompany the sushi with a bit of soy sauce, bittersweet or wasabi and enjoy the vegan sushi!
  8. Enjoy !

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