Vegan Sushi Amsterdam

Sashimi without fish: It sounds like a contradiction, but nothing could be further from the truth. Fortunately, there are already a few vegan restaurants in Amsterdam that offer vegan sushi. Their sushi is served with the taste of real fish, but made from vegetable ingredients.

Vegan Sushi Amsterdam

Vegan sashimi at Vegan Junk Food Bar

What is vegan sashimi made of? According to the makers, water, tapioca starch and seaweed are involved in making the fish. You could eat the vegan sashimi at Vegan Junkfood Bar in Amsterdam. A restaurant where vegan burgers, shawarma and now also vegan fish can be ordered on their menu.

Vegan Sushi Restaurants Amsterdam


Studio / K is such a place that I don’t immediately think of going out for dinner. Yet you can sit here very nicely, both outside and inside. This place is a non-profit cultural organization and is entirely run by students. In addition to a cafe and restaurant, StudioK offers a diverse program of films and music. Club evenings are also regularly organized.
In addition to a menu with vegetarian, fish and meat options, they also offer delicious vegan sushi. Their vegan menu surprised us in a positive way.

Location: Timorplein 62

At Spirit you can eat food that’s a 100% organic and 100% vegetarian, with respect for people, animals, the environment and the economy. All dishes here are made exclusively from 100% organic, seasonal ingredients. Organic means no chemical growth and pesticides used. Better for you and the environment. The choice is huge, because at Spirit you eat from the buffet and we can tell you, you really can’t choose!Tables full of different dishes, colorful, tasteful and vegatarian. There are also a lot of vegan options and everything looks equally delicious. Vegan sushi, roasted cauliflower tempura, crispy tofu, beet burger, quinoa with lime and beans and the tastiest desserts made with natural sugars.

Vegan Junk Food Bar
The Vegan Junk Food Bar and Vegan XL took up the challenge together and developed “Vegan No Tuna” and “Zalmon Sashimi” under the Vegan SeaStar brand name. The vegan sashimi consists of tapioca starch and glucose from seaweed, which provides a fishy taste. Down to the appearance: The salmon pink and tuna red slices are almost indistinguishable from a real fat vein.
Does the vegan version really come close to regular sashimi? Yup, we’re not lying!

Vegan Pokebowls at Poke Perfect
To be honest, I have never been to their restaurant. I always order a poké bowl from Poké Perfect (#lazyvegan). I am a fan! In addition to the different bowls with fish or chicken, there is a vegan version. You can also put together a bowl or a sushiritto (a sushi burrito).

Location 1: Kinkerstraat 71a

Location 2: Prinsengracht 502

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Vegan Sushi and Sashimi at Jumbo Supermarket

In Groningen you can now buy vegan sushi and sashimi from Vegan Junk Foodbar and Vegan XL in the Jumbo super market. Their vegan fish is available in two variants: with a salmon and with a tuna flavor. We are very curious as to whether the vegetable variety really tastes like fish, as the makers promise.

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