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Most people will, not very wrongly, assume that being vegan just might leave a huge dent in your wallet. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Vegan Supermarkets in Amsterdam, for instance, are convenient for anyone seeking a cost-friendly as well as healthy vegan lifestyle. Here are a few tips and locations, which I hope you will find helpful.

Vegan supermarket shopping guide

Look for Vegan foods that are always in season

Seasonal vegan foods are expensive, because they require more time, energy and other resources to plant. Go for things that are constantly restocked on the shelves. Meat alternatives such as the Vivera brand are suitable for your daily diet. Jumbo also has a selection of tasty vegan chicken. The Albert Heijn Supermarket also stocks a variety of delicious vegan bread, cheese, cold-pressed juices, spreads and other vegan foods.

Shop when items are on sale!

Vegan supermarkets in Amsterdam and other health food stores are not very different from regular supermarkets when it comes to mini and mega deals. So don’t feel left out. Some of the stores like Vagabond, often have big sales and that would be arguably the best time to shop. During such sales, you will enjoy your vegan foods at discounted prices so make sure to buy your plant-based cheese, sausages and dairy-free products as ice cream!

Vegan Supermarkets

Slow down on processed foods

Processed vegan foods are expensive, because of all the industrial processes involved. Most vegan supermarkets in Amsterdam have a section where you can fill up on more whole and organic vegan foods such as fruits and vegetables. Opt for beans, peas, nuts, and kale. They are tasty, as well nutritious.

Overview Vegan & Organic Supermarkets


Now that you are equipped with a few useful saving tips, take a look at some of the most popular organic chains. The Ekoplaza is the biggest organic chain in Amsterdam. They offer guaranteed authentic and organic foods of high quality at affordable prices, so it really is a win-win situation for anyone who shops there. The Supermarket is also at the forefront of sustainability as they have an entire plastic-free aisle, where all groceries are packed in bio-degradable packaging. The Ekoplaza also have an online store where you can make orders for any organic products at your convenience.

De Moeder Natuur 

The Moeder Natuur (Mother Nature), as its name suggests, is the hub of organic and vegan-friendly products in Amsterdam. They have a variety of organic options ranging from pastries to fine wines and fruits. They also have their own kitchen where you can enjoy hot sizzling vegan foods. The Supermarket also has weekly offers on various organic foods, which are a welcome respite for any vegan on a budget.

Odin Organic Supermarket 

Odin is an organic supermarket and is part of an organic food cooperative, with thousands of members throughout the country. The members are co-owners of the company and co-determine the policy. The cooperative is not about making a profit. Money is considered as a means to realize the ideals. The driving force behind Odin is good nutrition, produced as healthily and fairly as possible. This is a supermarket with ideals.

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