Perhaps you think of quinoa salads and celery stalks when imagining vegan food, but (fortunately) there is more than that. There are also vegan cookies and vegan stroopwafels. Less healthy, very nice for a nice tea or fine cup of coffee. We have put together eleven vegan cookies and vegan stroopwafels for you. Good news: You can just buy them in the supermarket!

Vegan stroopwafels and cookies in Amsterdam

10x Great vegan cookies and stroopwafels in Amsterdam:

1. Vegan Oreos
Oreos are one of the best-known biscuits, but very few people know that they are also vegan cookies. The white layer is not milk, contrary to what many people think. Please note: They are only vegan in Europe. In other countries there are sometimes animal products. There is also palm oil in it, which is a controversial ingredient. If you have no problems with palm oil, then this is a nice treat for the coffee. For sale at most regular supermarkets.

2. Vegan cake Verkade – Verkade Nizza
If you like coconut, these cookies are your new addiction from now on (if they were not already). Also nice to use them in a cake, for the bottom for example. You can buy the vegan coconut cake at the supermarkets Albert Heijn and Jumbo.

3. Speculaas chunks from Deen
Especially for the colder autumn days these gingerbread chunks are very nice. They are always good. You can buy these from the Deen supermarket.

4. Verkade café noir coffee biscuits
It is quite a specific taste, but the old-fashioned coffee biscuits are also vegan. You can buy them from most supermarkets, such as Albert Heijn.


5. Vegan robust cakes – LU Robust cakes
The large chocolate chunks complete the cookies. Also useful to serve these to people who are not yet fully familiar with veganism, because you do not taste that these cookies are vegan.

6. Punselies – Stroopwafel replacement
This is a good replacement for the classic stroopwafel. Punselies are sweet, vegan cookies and simply to die for. You get them in handy take-away packages, so also useful for your children. If you ask us, these are the tastiest vegan cookies ever.


6. Vegan Stroopwafels from Billy’s Farm
Vegan stroopwafels are still a bit rare, but if you do your best you can find them, especially at organic stores and in organic shelves of supermarkets. These hazelnut syrup waffles from the brand Billy’s Farm are great.

7. Jumbo Peanuts
Jumbo also responds well to the vegan trend. These peanuts are very nice to make yourself, but you can also get them at the supermarket. Not necessarily vegan cookies, but a very good vegan snack.

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8. Vegan oatmeal cookies from AH
These oat cookies are a slightly healthier variant of regular cookies, also because there’s cranberries in iy. Handy for people who prefer not to eat a lot of wheat. For sale at Albert Heijn.

9. Vegan coffee waffles- AH Coffee Waffles
Why there is so much coffee in vegan cookies, we do not quite understand. Yet we are very happy with these delicious coffee waffles.

10. Pretzels
Heh, pretzels are vegan? Yes, in the AH Basic variant there is no butter or other animal product. In addition, they are also very affordable.

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