Vegan Starbucks Amsterdam

More and more people are now becoming or at least trying the vegan lifestyle. Therefore, given the growing demand for vegan options, Starbucks CEO Rosalind Brewer announced plans to expand its product line.

Vegan Coffee & Drinks at Starbucks!

Did you know that by going vegan, you could save around 200 animals per year?

Now you can order vegan drinks at your local Starbucks store! Almond, soy and coconut milk are just a few of the non dairy alternatives you can add to any drink on the menu. We all know how much cows suffer in the dairy industry so please remember that you can replace cow’s milk in any Starbucks drink for a small additional cost.

Get yourself a hot or iced coconut matcha latte along with any sweetener syrup such as hazelnut and you are ready to experience a delicious vegan coffee! But that’s not all! You can also find vegan food at many Starbucks in Amsterdam. The hummus wrap is absolutely DELICIOUS!

Vegan Coffee

Nevertheless, it’s always important to stay aware of what ingredients are being used in your drink; Even if these are labeled as vegan. Some of the ingredients you must stay away from are whipped cream, java chips, caramel drizzle, cinnamon dolce topping, which contains butter and protein powder that is used in the smoothies.

These are some of the best Starbucks stores in Amsterdam where you can find vegan options:

  • Orlyplein 103, 1043 DT Amsterdam
  • Rembrandtplein 9, 1017 CV Amsterdam
  • Damrak 80-81, 1012 LN Amsterdam

Nonetheless, as you have already seen Starbucks is promoting veganism so it wouldn’t be a surprise to start seeing more and more stores offering vegan menus displaying mouth-watering vegan food and drinks!

Keep in mind that everyday is an opportunity to START fresh, to EAT right, to TRAIN hard, to LIVE healthy, to be HAPPIER!

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