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Selling vegan space cakes through Instagram by the girls of Vegan High. If you are vegan and also like cannabis, it is almost impossible to get a decent space cake. Yet there is one address in Amsterdam where you can go: Vegan High. MUNCHIES talked to Priscilla and Tanja, who sell sweetness via Instagram, which brings you in a nice trip.

Best Vegan Space Cakes Amsterdam

Interview about selling Vegan Space Cakes in Amsterdam

To whom do you sell the edibles?
Priscilla: We sell them mainly to tourists.
Tanja: Many of them come from Israel, because our edibles are also kosher.

How do these tourists know how to find you?
Priscilla: Via HappyCow, a kind of TripAdvisor for vegetarians and vegans.
Tanja: On their forum someone asked for vegan space cake. It was an old thread from 2012. We only reacted in 2016 that we could help and put our e-mail address. We owe all orders we receive to that one post. We are also on Instagram, but most people know us through HappyCow.

You can go far too fast with spacecake if you eat too much. Is not it dangerous if those things are so good?
Tanja: Spacecake can be very intense, even for the biggest stoner in the world. It does not matter whether you smoke a lot or not. Edibles are really something completely different. If you eat them, the effects are more psychedelic and very unpredictable.

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Is there a difference in the high for the products you sell?
Tanja: The amount of sugar determines how quickly the weed is absorbed into your body. Our chocolate balls are the sweetest, so you notice the effect the fastest, but the high is equally strong in all products.

Why are your edibles completely vegan?
Priscilla: We are not vegans ourselves. We do not eat space cake – not even vegan. We are both vegetarian. We got the idea by a common friend, who has a blog. He told us that he got a lot of questions about where you can get vegan edibles.
Tanja: So it was a gap in the market for us.
Priscilla: In principle, a vegan edible does not differ much from a normal one. Only we use coconut oil instead of butter

Do you think you will ever get more Dutch customers?
Priscilla: I think it will mainly stay tourists. Veganism is much bigger abroad than here.
Tanja: We would like to make more edibles to order. I would really like to make space bride’s tail!

What happens to all the cakes that you do not sell?
Priscilla: Our edibles have a longer shelf life than regular ones, because they are completely vegan, but unfortunately we have to throw them away.
Tanja: Sometimes we give them away to friends, but we always try hard to sell them.
Priscilla: You can still use the oil for your skin. Through the weed your muscles relax completely, making it the perfect massage oil.

You can read the full interview here

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