Vegan Snackbar Amsterdam

Vegan Fast Food Amsterdam Burger

Vegan Snackbar Amsterdam

A vegetarian or vegan diet does not just have to consist of plates full of healthy vegetables. Everyone does not always feel like eating healthy. Sometimes you’re in the mood for junk food, so you want to go to a vegan snackbar. Unfortunately you do not have a vegan snack bar in Amsterdam, but you have plenty of spots where you can enjoy delicious vegan junk food such as vegan bitterballen and vegan milkshakes. There is enough vegan fast food in Amsterdam , the eight hotspots below proves this.

8 great vegan snackbar places with junk food

1. FEBO – Vegetarian grill burger

At the Febo on the Ferdinand Bolstraat you do not only get dutch snacks as krokketten or frikandellen, but also a vegetarian grill burger. The sauce of the burger isn’t vegan, therefore we hope that they will make the whole burger vegan on short notice.
Location: Ferdinand Bolstraat 89B, 1072 LD Amsterdam


The name says enough, at Vegan Junk Food Bar you can go for vegan comfort food. From burgers and tortillas to sandwiches ‘shawarma’ and the dutch snack ‘kapsalon’, this sweeping snack bar has it all.

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam

Location 1: Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam

Location 2: Marie Heinekenplein 9-10, 1072 MH Amsterdam


Maybe you now think: what the fuck is a weed burger?! Well, at least it has nothing to do with weed. It is a burger made of seaweed. The dishes served here are completely vegetable and enriched with seaweed and micro algae. And they don’t only serve burgers, but also ‘seawharma’ and a ‘dutch weed dog’.

Location: Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47, 1053 RJ Amsterdam


At Dophert you can go for all your sweet cravings, such as pancakes or large (plantbased) milkshakes. But you are also at the right address for a vegetarian burger, Vietnamese sandwich or sweet potato fries.
Location: Spaarndammerstraat 49-H, 1013 ST Amsterdam


In this trendy meatless district, original vegetarian and vegan dishes come first. On the map here are for example vegak croquettes, vegan nuggets and and AFC a.k.a Amsterdam Fried Cauliflower.

MD Meatless District Burger
Meatless District, Bilderdijkstraat 65-67, 1053 KM Amsterdam

6. Kebabi Amsterdam – Vegan Doner Kebab

Kebabi is one of the newer places, and it is certainly worth a visit! Here they also serve vegan snacks, just like in a regular doner’s foodplace! The bestseller is also their own vegan doner kebab , but that is not the only thing they serve here. Enjoy a meaty experience, but without the impact on the environment or animal suffering.
Do not feel like a whole meal? At Kebabi you can also enjoy a nice drink at the bar or on the terrace at the Overtoom.

This place was opened because the owners had a penchant for beer, kebab and animal welfare. This resulted in the first vegan kebab thing in the city. Here is the doner made from 100% vegetable protein. In addition to their vegan doner kebab they also serve a tasty salad, the dutch snack ‘kapsalon’ or finger food in the form of bitterballen or cheese sticks and tasty sweet baklava.

7. Vegetarian Bitterballen

What are the most sold snacks in the Netherlands and what are the most eaten snacks by the people from the Netherlands? In the top 10 most eaten snacks you can find the ‘dutch’ bitterballen. This snack is always non vegan. But the vegetarian butcher has vegan bitterballen. In the restaurant, The wicked kitchen they serve vegetarian variants of this dutch snack. So if you are vegetarian and want to try this famous dutch snack go to the Vegan Junk foodbar.

8. Vegan Milkshake at Deer Mama in Amsterdam

Do you still know people who think that vegans only eat salads and vegetables? Please take them to Deer Mama because this hotspot will destroy all those prejudices. You can go there for anything as: burgers, soft ice cream, milk shakes and pastries.

For example, burgers are made from “pulled jackfruit” with bbq sauce, from tempeh and green peas.For snack you can choose cinnamon buns with misoglaze, donuts, cookie dough cookies, sweet potato meringue cake, banana cheesecake with brownie bottoms, spiced pineapple cake and of course the peanut butter brownie. And don’t forget their ‘Mylk’ shake.


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