Vegan Shoes and Clothing Stores in Amsterdam

You can view vegan shoes and sustainable clothing in two ways. The first one is honestly produced clothing where the footprint is minimalized. You also have ‘good quality’ clothing. We think both are important when choosing clothes. Thus, here’s a list of 10 fair clothing stores for you.

12 Sustainable Clothing Stores in Amsterdam

What are vegan shoes and vegan Clothing?

Shoes and clothing that are created from a perspective that takes the best possible solution for the people, planet and animals. In short this means, animal free shoes and clothing. Vegan shoe brands mostly use vegan leather for their shoes. Recycled nylons, rubber, cardboard, organic hemp and cork are also often used ingredients. The replacement of those products ensures that, no animals will be hurt during the production. Most of those vegan shoes and clothing are also fair trade. Below you will find an overview of our favorite vegan shoes and clothing stores in Amsterdam.

12x Vegan Shoes and Clothing stores in Amsterdam:

1. Charlie + Mary

They once started as pioneers of fair clothing, Charlotte and Marieke owners of Charlie + Mary. With the mission to make a better fashion industry possible, they started their honest concept store in the heart of Amsterdam Zuid. If you know that what you wear is made with respect for people, animals and the environment, then they radiate pride and self-confidence. If you live in Amsterdam and order via the webshop, your package can be delivered to you by bicycle. This limits traffic congestion and CO2 emissions in the city.

Location: Gerard Doustraat 84

2. Goatswollen shop

Geitenwollenwinkel only sells sustainable clothing brands that are green, honest and vegan. Why should the environment and animals suffer for fashion? With that as starting point, the twins Abigail and Lavinia opened their store at the Utrechtsestraat. The store sells a wide collection of clothing, vegan shoes, bags, cosmetics and lifestyle products for men and women.

Location: Utrechtsestraat 37

3. The Fair East

Products with a really good story! Everything is carefully selected and therefore they only have products that have been produced with respect for the environment and maker. From afar (fair trade) and from the neighbors. Two fine places in East where you can stroll around nicely.

Location: Waldenlaan 208

4. LENA the fashion library

In 2014, three sisters and a friend started as the first clothing library in the Netherlands, but nowadays you can also visit their webshop. With the online platform they want to reach more people so that borrowing is also possible outside of Amsterdam. You can pick up your clothes at the store, at a swap.point or at home. With this they want to initiate the circular movement. LENA also offers a platform for young talent so that they can test and improve their collection.

Location: Westerstraat 174H

5. Mhoom

Sanne and Colette have a clothes boutique and hair salon together with their store Mhoom. For men and women who like to combine style, durability and quality. They try to make their choices as responsible and well-considered as possible. In this way they not only go for sustainable clothing brands, but also for sustainable hair products.

Location: New Church Street 6H

6. Nukuhiva

The brands that Nukuhiva sells have one thing in common: they produce in a fair way. And preferably in the most sustainable way possible. This small shop by Floortje Dessing on the Haarlemmerstraat is an absolute must with an extensive collection for men and women.

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 36

7. Studio JUX + co

The flagship store of Studio Jux is located in a renovated garage at the Ceintuurbaan. They sell guilt-free products online and in the store. In addition to their own collection, they have a large collection of products that are made according to ethical and sustainable principles.

Location: Ceintuurbaan 252

Vegan shoes JUX

8. Sukha

One of Amsterdam’s best-known concept stores, perhaps because of the inspiring texts. The white oasis of peace on the Haarlemmerstraat, that is Sukha. The meaning of Sukha is ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit. The own products are handmade in India, Nepal, Morocco, Peru, Indonesia and the Netherlands with an eye for the maker and the environment. In addition, they sell clothing and lifestyle products from established names and young designers.

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 110

9. Verse

In the monumental Cristofori building on the Prinsengracht, Verse is located, a platform for sustainable young brands. We found in addition to beautiful brands also a unisex perfume by Bon Parfumeur, perfumes without ‘smell’. Durable and nice minimal.

Location: Prinsengracht 581-1

10. Velor

Not all brands in this concept store are sustainable, but this gem in the nine streets is worth mentioning. You will find clothing and accessories for men and women. I bought my white Veja sneakers. Velor has the Svanen certificate, the official Norwegian eco label, for their own label. Svanen garments are of high quality, made with reduced chemicals and produced under good working conditions.

Location Skinstraat 14

11.Vega-Life Lifestyle and Fashion

If you are looking for a vegan shoe in Amsterdam, then Vega-Life is the store to go to as it is located in the city center, an estimation of 15 minutes stroll from the Central Station. The store is equipped with a variety of vegan shoes including heels, winter shoes and boots too. There is a shoe for any activity like cycling, running and gym shoes. Vegan shoes are durable and stylish products that are made without animal suffering.


  • Ideal location
  • Great staff
  • Affordable products
  • Sells other products apart from shoes.

This online store offers various shoes for any fashion lover who is vegan and has a luxurious taste. Available products include vegan boots, lace-up shoes, ankle-boots, slippers, and vegan work shoes. These shoes are made with products from materials such as piñatex pineapple leather, cork, mushroom, hemp, cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and microfiber.


  • Purchase can be made online
  • Affordable prices
  • Shoes made from the environment and animal-friendly material



  • Online products can be misleading

If you decide to go vegan then better do it all the way. Availability of environmental and animal-friendly footwear ensures that every vegan irrespective of gender can rock some stylish vegan shoes or clothing. Vegan shoes and clothing are available in different stores in Amsterdam, and they are up to date with the latest trends.

Vegan or not we should all decide to buy vegan, as they are as good as any other shoes and clothing and even better ,because they are animal and eco-friendly. We can all save our world, one pair of shoes at a time!

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