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Vegan Shoes Store

Yes, you read that right the article will be about vegan shoes for all the vegan kings and queens in Amsterdam. The shoes range from vegan daily wear shoes, vegan winter shoes and also vegan boots. Vegan shoes are sold in Amsterdam to ensure that every vegan has a shoe to compliment the outfit and goes with the weather.

Vegan Fashion: Best Stores For Vegan Shoes in Amsterdam

The idea of vegan shoes is to eliminate the use of animal products and by-products to make shoes instead use other products to make shoes that are environmental and animal-friendly. These shoes are affordable and durable.

The vegan shoes in the market are all vegan including the soles, material accessories and the glue used to bind the shoes together. Materials used can be from pineapple leaves, cork, plastics, and microfibers. There are companies now fully devoted to making vegan shoes, and you get a pair in a number of shoe stores in Amsterdam.

A few of these stores where you can get vegan shoes in Amsterdam are;

  1. Vega-Life Lifestyle and Fashion

If you are looking for a vegan shoe in Amsterdam, then Vega-Life is the store to go to as it is located in the city center, an estimation of 15 minutes stroll from the Central Station. The store is equipped with a variety of vegan shoes including heels, winter shoes and boots too. There is a shoe for any activity like cycling, running and gym shoes. Vegan shoes are durable and stylish products that are made without animal suffering.


  • Ideal location
  • Great staff
  • Affordable products
  • Sells other products apart from shoes.

 Vegan Shoes


This online store offers various shoes for any fashion lover who is vegan and has a luxurious taste. Available products include vegan boots, lace-up shoes, ankle-boots, slippers, and vegan work shoes. These shoes are made with products from materials such as piñatex pineapple leather, cork, mushroom, hemp, cotton recycled plastic bottles, and microfiber.


  • Purchase can be made online
  • Affordable prices
  • Shoes made from the environment and animal-friendly material



  • Online products can be misleading



Vegans in Amsterdam can visit this store and purchase their shoe of choice. Products in the store can be bought online making it easier for other to use the store too.  The vegan shoes comprise of vegan winter shoes, vegan boots, heels, slip-on, and sneakers. This animal-friendly footwear fashion is fully in line with a vegan lifestyle. All the shoes in the store are completely animal-friendly.


  • Affordable prices
  • Variety of products
  • Vegan shoes
  • Durable


  • Can’t try on online shoes

If you decide to go vegan then better do it all the way. Availability of environmental and animal-friendly footwear ensures that every vegan irrespective of gender can rock some stylish vegan shoes. Vegan shoes are available in different store in Amsterdam, and they are up to date with the latest trends.

Vegan or not we call all decide to buy vegan shoes as they are as good as any other shoe and even better because they are animal and eco-friendly. We can all save our world a pair of shoes at a time.

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