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Looking for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant in Utrecht? After reading this article you will know a lot of nice vegan restaurants in Utrecht, that you can visit for breakfast, lunch or diner. Most of those restaurants use vegetables as base for everything and also only use fair trade products.

9x Vegan Restaurants Utrecht

‘t Koffieboontje

A cute place where you can work and enjoy your coffee with vegan pastries. ‘Nuf said!
Location: Oudegracht 92, 3511 AV Utrecht


This place looks industrial, mordern, and cozy and is always very busy. They have multiple locations in Utrecht. One thing is certain: All food at Gys is 100% organic. Although not all dishes on the menu are vegetarian or vegan, there are a lot of dishes that don’t contain animal products. For example, the Vegan BLT, a sandwich with protobello, little gem, tomato and veganaise, at Gys at Voorstraat. Or the famous Dutch snack ‘kapsalon’ made of tempeh, sweet potatoes, cucumber, tomato, onion, cheese, lettuce, sambal and garlic sauce at Gys on the Amsterdamsestraatweg. Yes, both locations have their own menu. Many dishes can also be ordered in the vegetarian or vegan version.
Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 113 & Voorstraat 77, Utrecht


At Oproer you can order from their menu, but you can also go for a three-course meal (for € 28) or a three-course meal with a beer package (for € 38). The menu changes every month, but is always 100% plantbased and organic. How well do the blinis with smoked carrot, the black rice mushroom risotto and the tofu burger sound? Very good!
Location: CAB-Rondom 90A, Utrecht


The mission of SLA? Pure, healthy and sustainable food that is accessible for everyone. They also have locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Vegetarian and vegan salads can not be forgotten at this green hotspot. You can go for the vegan hummus & avocado bowl, the bumu tempeh bowl or create your own delicious vegan or vegetarian salad. Yum! The menu changes every three months, so each season their work with the freshest ingredients.
Nachtegaalstraat 58 & Catharijne Esplanade 45 & Voorstraat 52, Utrecht

Le Jardin

At Le Jardin they know what cooking with vegetables and herbs is. They mostly use vegetables of the season. In addition, everything is organic and fair trade. As a vegetarian, you also have plenty of choice.. A small selection of the dishes they serve:Potato with goat cheese, curry and sauerkraut, quince, tofu, plum, hazelnut and eggplant and a dessert of pear, olive, parsnip, chocolate and basil.
Mariaplaats 42, Utrecht

The Klub

The Klub has a different menu every week (!), but one thing is always the same. With every course there is always a vegetarian choice. On the website you can view the menu in advance.
Locatino: Europalaan 2b, Utrecht

Eethuis Vers

A cute eatery with enough vegan options on the menu
Location: Oudegracht 212, 3511 NS Utrecht

Jasmijn en ik

An Asian restaurant that focus on organic food with pure flavors. Good seasonings, without veins and other amplifiers. With a wide choice of vegetarian and vegan. Great!
Location: Kanaalstraat 219-221, 3531 CH Utrecht


Lots of plants, sitting areas and insanely delicious food. Their food is vegetarian. Think of a breakfast with farmer’s yoghurt and cinnamon, the tastiest brownies with a cup of herbal tea, lunch with homemade sourdough bread with Japanese omelette and a cappuccino. You can also dine there (with a three-course menu for example).
Location: Oosterkade 24, Utrecht

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