Rotterdam is a city that is becoming more popular every day, and so are the dairy and meat free options in the restaurants and cafes. We have created an overview with 11 nice vegan restaurants in Rotterdam.

11x Vegan Restaurants Rotterdam

1. Gare du Nord

An old train car in the middle of Rotterdam-Noord, how cool is that? It does not drive, but that does not make the experience any less fun. In addition, all their food is also 100% vegan and organic. Take a look, enjoy their food and also the experience in their old railroad car.

2. Burgertrut

They call themselves nomads, because they have already had several locations in the city: Witte de witstraat, Rotterdam Noord and right next to the Market Hall. Now they are located on the Delftseplein under the popular Schieblock, near the popular Biergarten. They have veggie burgers, vegan organic beef burgers, but also soups and salads. As a non-vegan, you can eat organic meat here and your vegan best friend can take a veggie burger.

3. SUE

SUE is known for the concept sweet without sugar. Their food is raw, vegan, sugar free, gluten free and lactose free. You would think, will the food be tasteful? Most people will think, how can this be nice? But the food they serve is very tasteful. They have sweet brownies and cheesecakes. Add a nice cup of coffee and we will ensure you that you will enjoy. Is it still nice then? YES!!! At SUE you eat brownies and cheesecake with a nice cup of coffee and we guarantee you: It tastes fantastic. You won’t taste that it is prepared without butter and eggs.

4. Spirit

Of course, we’ve already written about their location in Amsterdam. Spirit (in the Groene Passage) has been a regular address for vegetarians and vegans for years. Everything you eat at Spirit is 100% organic and vegetarian. Better in your mouth, in your head and in your heart, as they say themselves. We like their Slogan!

5. Backyard

This place is so popular you would think that it is a old well known place, but the restaurant is pretty new. Backyard is an all day plant based, vegan friendly restaurant. A perfect restaurants for vegans and vegetarians. Take a look at this place and tell us how tasteful their vegan food and wines are.

6. Flowerburger

Amsterdam is jealous because of this Italian concept that was brought straight from Italy to Rotterdam. Still hoping that they will also come to Amsterdam. For the people that can’t wait, traveling from Amsterdam to Rotterdam will cost you one hour. They have tasty burgers, that taste like burgers. From the sandwiches and the burgers to the mayonnaise, is vegan. There are organic drinks on the menu and as a side dish we prefer the potato wedges.

7. Veggie

Veggie is a hidden little tent on a relatively unknown piece of Rotterdam. The Brazilian coffee shop is run by a woman who makes the tastiest vegan snacks. Near Veggie you have De Patatbakkert where you can enjoy handmade fries with vegan pulled BBQ

8. Leaf

Have you already eaten vegetarian and Asian? At Leaf you can do this. Food from Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand, but without meat. In addition, they don’t use garlic or onion in their dishes. Instead of meat they use soy a lot.

9. Bertmans

At Bertmans they think about everyone, because you can eat lactose and gluten free, but also vegetarian and vegan. This vegan hotspot in Rotterdam has a location with a cute terrace.

10. SLA

The name says it all: At SLA you eat lettuce. In this Amsterdam-based place, all fruit vegetables come as much as possible from Dutch soil and all ingredients are 100% organic. Every season has its own flavors, which is why they change their menu every three months.

Heavenly Cupcakes

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