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On March 20, the sun was perpendicular to the equator and that means that the astronomical spring has begun. For meteorologists, it has been spring since March 1. The days are clearly lengthening, buds on trees and shrubs are slowly coming out and the temperatures are rising. You can see that in the coming weeks a lot people will try and find a spot on the terrace. For people who want to eat at a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam with a terrace we have listed the top 6 Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam with this great feature. In this way you can sit outside in the sun while enjoying your vegan meal.


Traffic hummus vegetarian & vegan Amsterdam

Traffic Hummus Boutique is located next to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam South. We have been serving the tastiest homemade vegetarian dishes for 24 years, culminating in their hummus and vegan shawarma. Come and visit them for a delicious Hummus and more because the location of the terrace is definitely the gem of this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam.

Location: Stadionweg 255II

Spirit Amsterdam

It’s fresh; All of their dishes are prepared daily in their kitchen using seasonal ingredients. This means veggie stews during winter and fruit salad with local organic strawberries in the summer. It’s organic & vegan; They choose organic and vegetarian because they respect humans, animals, the environment and the economy.

Organic means: no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. That way the ingredients keep their natural life force energy all the way to your plate. Healthy for you and for the environment. Vegetarian means that Spirit chooses plant-based ingredients like legumes, seaweed, tempeh and soya to create wholesome nutritious dishes. These ingredients contain lots of healthy protein and cost less energy to produce. This way Spirit makes sure that all your nutritional needs are met, while at the same time contributing to a sustainable economy.

Spirit is located in Amsterdam on the corner of the Czaar Peterstraat and the Cruquiuskade in a spacious building with long opening times. You can come to us from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm for coffee, tea, a juice, a drink, cake or other snacks. A breakfast buffet is available between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. Lunch and dinner are possible from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. They have a great terrace and a lot of vegan options available on their Menu so try this one out!

Vleesch noch Visch

Passion for cooking, love for people, animals and the environment and the firm belief that things can be improved; neither the Vleesch noch Visch dishes are made with this philosophy. They create taste sensations with pure and honest vegetarian products. An absolute best-seller is the Greek pita with vegetarian gyros, homemade tzatziki, arugula, red onion, tomato and … lots of love. Healthy, sustainable and, above all, very tasty! Even real meat eaters will be amazed at how tasty vegetarian food can be. Visit the street food bar with a terrace in Amsterdam-West and enjoy the spring in Amsterdam

Vleesch noch visch Amsterdam
Location: Schaepmanstraat 2

Beter & Leuk

They make almost everything in the kitchen themselves. They do their cooking with organic, seasonal and local products as much as possible. Beter en Leuk serves vega, vegan & gluten-free. A healthy lifestyle makes life so much more beautiful. And not only in the food but also with their other products Beter & Leuk implements this conscious lifestyle. Organic, creative, homely and especially good food. That is Better & Nice. Beter & Leuk offers you a great place for breakfast, lunch & inspiration. They have a cozy little terrace in front of their store where you can enjoy the sun!

Beter en leuk Amsterdam
Location: Eerste Oosterparkstraat 91

Lavinia Good Food

Everything here is fresh and prepared as pure as possible. So, without crazy additives such as refined sugars. And everything is also damn good! And now Lavinia has a small sister: Lavinia Good Food on the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam South. Just as handsome as her bigger sister, but a completely different atmosphere. With this new tent it is lighter, and the layout is different anyway. They are Located at the Amstelveenseweg 192 or Kerkstraat 176

Lavinia Good Food Amsterdam

De Bolhoed

Full, colorful, dark, cozy, open for years and one of the best vegan options in Amsterdam for years. They don’t have a website or social media, but they have a terrace at the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, a must for this summer.

Via this link you can find a list of 50 x vegan hotspots in Amsterdam ordered at the following locations: Amsterdam Center, Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam Oost, Amsterdam West, Amsterdam Zuid

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