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We are two sisters, born and raised in The Netherlands, and blessed with roots in the heart of Africa. We both have an individual story on how we started a plant based diet.

Start Vegan Lifestyle

Around 4/5 years ago we both started to experience health issues. Ngudju got diagnosed at the age of 26 with multiple sclerosis, and Mwanini experienced chronic pain, which we now know is caused by Lyme disease. We knew we had to change our lifestyle drastically, because we didn’t want our diseases to take over our life.

Changing our lifestyle wasn’t easy for us, but we knew eating unhealthy foods, partying and drinking wasn’t sustainable. The more we learned about food and nutrition, the more we understood that we were causing ourselves more pain with this lifestyle. That’s when we decided to change it up completely! So you can say it has been quite a journey!


Is a vegan lifestyle healthy?

The moment we started eating plant based, we saw a magnificent difference in our health, skin and felt so much more positive. We believe our bodies are just vessels for our souls. It’s like a car. If you put in the wrong fuel, it’s bound to break down.

Since we’ve experienced the effect of a plant based diet on our health, mind and the environment, we don’t need animal products to feel whole anymore and we know that our life isn’t worth any more than that of any animal.

So we decided that we want to spread this positive feeling and we wish to share this experience with the rest of the world! That’s why we created our very own free E-Book, with 12 easy delicious plant based recipes.

 Vegan Recipes in the E-book

You can find three recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and we also included 3 delicious desserts! All of the recipes are very easy to follow, and preparation time is always under 30 min. This makes it perfect if you are new to veganism and want to explore a plant based lifestyle.

Do you find Amsterdan Vegan Friendly?

We find that having a plant based lifestyle in Amsterdam is getting easier by the day. Eating more plants and less meat is becoming more popular, and you can definitely see that in the city. We see more vegan options on menus and even grocery shopping is getting easier. So we are pretty pleased with that!

We are also delighted that more family and friends are showing interest in a plant based lifestyle. We hope we can encourage them even more with our E-book. We made it entirely by ourselves and we had so much fun making it.
So we hope you enjoy it and our recipes as much as we do, and help spread our little bundle of joy!

Here is the download link of our Vegan E-book:

Have you got some additional vegan friendly places or events? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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