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What is the meaning of veganism for you?

In the second article of this series, we will look into what veganism represents for each of the influencers. Short explanation of veganism: Vegans do not eat or use animals, something that comes from an animal or that has been tested on an animal. They do not consume meat or fish. or any dairy products, eggs and other products of animal origin or with animal ingredients.

What does veganism mean to you?


Everything! It is a continuous process! So not only when you eat, but you are busy with it all day. Through my blog I would like to show that vegan food is really not difficult! When people hear that you eat vegan, I sometimes get the question “Oh, but what do you eat then?” Well, I eat everything, but just a little bit differently! And I want to show that! Even when it comes to toiletries, makeup, clothing, shoes etc, I always look for vegan options! Still In love with my vegan Dr. Martens!

Kim is 40 years old and enjoys yoga and sports and is the founder of


Living in a sustainable, animal cruelty free world.

Julian Piket

Julian is 28 years old and lives in Amsterdam. He mostly post about menswear, his work and his plant based lifestyle.


For us veganism means equality for the voiceless. Also striving for a better and more sustainable world. And of course the amazing food!

Its about Health 

Veganism, for me, means that we look after all the animals on this planet and that we take care of our planet. Not only for now, but also for the future. Veganism isn’t about whether you like or hate animals, it is about caring for ourselves, for our animals, for the future and for our planet.

Nannique Spiek is 17 years old and owner of food and sports blog 


Veganism means peace to me. It means believing that ALL kinds deserve to live. This is quite personal, but veganism taught me to love.


She is a fulltime student and content creator


Cilla Zwarts-Vood, lives in Rotterdam and is the founder of

Veganism means a lot to me; It’s my lifestyle. I find it seriously strange today to abuse animals in any way, in whatever form. People need no, absolutely NO, animal products in their lives. Whether it is about food, entertainment, clothing, filling pillows or whatever. The fact that animals are different from us, perhaps less intelligent or communicate differently, does not mean that we can then eat them, abuse them or abuse them in the way that suits us.

Plant Ahead 

For me, being vegan is part of living an “Eco-Positive life”. That means that you add more positive impact to our eco-system, than taking from it or harming it. I think we’ve all lost the connection with animals, nature, and other people. If we start to see ourselves as part of the eco-system again, I believe we will make better decisions – for all of us. We can only do this when we look at the bigger picture. For example, if you are vegan, you might think you are doing a great job by not eating animal products, but if you still buy a lot of stuff and fly around the world, you still have a huge impact on our planet, which directly harms animals and our health. It’s an important message that I am trying to spread via my eco-positive products, talks and workshops. Take my coconut bowls for example. It’s a waste product that we give a new life as a beautiful bowl that you can enjoy every day. I use them to show what our planet has to offer and how we can give back by eating plant-based.

Miriam, Founder of, an international business based in Amsterdam.

Food and Spots

For us, it means that you’re being environmentally conscious. First of all, the meat and dairy industry is extremely polluting. It’s way more sustainable to eat plant based: You’re using less water and your hidden carbon impact is lower. Besides that, it’s of course also better for your own health and it means less animal cruelty.
Kirsten & Sophie, two girls from Amsterdam that love good food, coffee, going out for dinner, traveling and sustainability. Founders of

We hope you liked the second article of the sequence. We promise you that the upcoming 5 articles will also be very nice.

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