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Vegan Kebab Amsterdam

Döner kebab without the use of meat? We know it sounds unrealistic, but you can get a vegan doner kebab at Kebabi in Amsterdam. Kebabi is the first vegan kebab restaurant in the Netherlands that serves kebab made of plant-based proteins. Almost every week, a company launch a meat substitute, because it’s getting more and more easy. Hence we think that we can stop calling veganism as hype.

Vegan doner at Kebabi in Amsterdam

The idea for the vegan kebab restaurant came from their love for good kebabs and the attention that is needed for both animal welfare and the environment. Giving people the option to enjoy their favorite meals  and still having a positive impact on climate change or animal welfare is a great cause. In restaurants you can find more and more plant-based options for dishes with meat, fish and cheese.

Vegan meat from plant-based proteins

At Kebabi you can choose from vegan doner or an array of other vegan snacks that are entirely made from plant-based proteins, but in terms of taste are not inferior to a “real” kebab sandwich.

The “spiced smoked soya kebabi” is served on a home-made pita with a mixed salad, fried onion, home-made hummus, shiracha and garlic sauce. Once you see it, you want nothing more than to put your teeth in the vegan bite.

The vibe and interior

Kebabi was not always the Kebabi we know today. Today the traces of the Ping Pong Parck are still clearly present. What makes Kebabi not only the place for guilt-free kebabs, but also for an ice-cold draft beer and a game of ping-pong or table football. The interior is a combination of a brown pub and an urban jungle. Back to that ice-cold beer, in addition to lager, there are also several specialty beers on tap. Beer and kebab, what’s not to like?

Location:  Overtoom 428 HS – 1054 JV Amsterdam

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