Fancy an easy (evening) meal? Then you are at the right address at the Jumbo. The Jumbo has many vegan products similair to Albert Heijn.At the Jumbo you can also find a lot of products from SoFine and Smaakt.
Especially SoFine has many easy, vegan products for your evening meal.

Vegan cheese Jumbo

Ask a vegan what vegan cheese they have on their sandwich and they say Wilmersburger! This cheese is also for sale at most Jumbos and in health food stores. There are different types for sale: Classic, spices, savory, paprika, mushroom and chili pepper. The savory version ‘Wurzig’ is our absolute favorite, especially on a tasty sandwich. The cheeses are made from coconut oil and are free from soy, gluten and palm oil.

How does it taste?

The taste and texture of the Wilmersburger cheeses strongly resembles the classic Dutch young Gouda cheese. So it is not a gourmet product, but if you used to eat your own weight in cheap supermarket cheese, this is a very good replacement. It does well on pasta and in casseroles and sauces so you can try different things with it. You can use the cheese almost exactly as you would with cow’s milk cheese.

Vegan pizza Jumbo

Jumbo also has  vegan pizza’s right now and there are many variants available for only 5 euro!
Below you can find a picture of the pizzas that we have spotted at a local Jumbo so go and visit the supermarket if you want to try these.

Jumbo also has opened a new supermarket in Groningen with a nice vegan feature! There is a Veggie chef department where fresh fruit and vegetables are prepared daily and vegetarian meal solutions are offered. The cozy new Foodcafé also offers the possibility to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the spot or to drink a cup of La Place coffee with a delicious pastry.

Ten meters of vegan shelf
Food Market Groningen introduces, in addition to all the special kitchens, the largest vegan shelf in the Netherlands. The shelf, which is no less than ten meters long, contains refrigerated, frozen and shelf-stable products.

Anrico Maat, entrepreneur of Jumbo Food Market Groningen, looks forward to working with his partner Paul Papo and their team: “What a spectacular start for our new Food Market! We have worked towards this opening for a long time. A special milestone for us and fantastic to see how enthusiastically people are reacting to the new store. It is our passion to work together with the whole team to make shopping more fun for our customers!”. Let’s hope that Jumbo will add the ten meters of vegan shelves in Amsterdam as well!

Do you know any additional vegan friendly places or events? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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