Vegan Indian Food

There are many religious movements in India where no animal products are eaten. Most Indian restaurants are therefore familiar with the vegan phenomenon, although they will not call it that themselves. It is therefore rarely a problem to get a dish without animal products in an Indian restaurant.

Vegan Indian restaurants Amsterdam

As a vegan it is wise to pay attention. Paneer, for example, is sometimes confused with tofu, but is actually a type of cheese. In addition, Indian cuisine uses a lot of ghee (clarified butter). There is also vegetable ghee, but there is little chance that it will be used. Naan bread contains yogurt or milk. It is often the case that a curry is topped with a scoop of yogurt or curd. So indicate in advance that you do not eat dairy.

8x Vegan Indian restaurants in Amsterdam

  1. Golden Temple restaurant
    In the atmospheric Utrechtsestraat you will find the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the Netherlands, which has been open almost daily for more than 40 years. Here you can eat colorful, tasty and healthy dishes without meat or fish. No less than 70% of the dishes are “vegan” and a large part is gluten-free, which is easy to find on the menu with “V” and “GV”.
    Location: Utrechtsestraat 126, 1017 VT Amsterdam
  2. Mayur Indian Restaurant
    At some restaurants you like to come because you are always surprised with new dishes. In other cases you like to come because you know exactly what to expect, and your favorite dish is always there. At mayur you know what to expect: Real Northern Indian food.
    Location: Rijksmuseum and, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 203 between, Leidseplein, 1017 RB Amsterdam
  3. Saravanaa Bhavan
    An international chain with a huge branch on the Stadhouderskade. They serve traditional South Indian vegan and vegetarian dishes.
    Stadhouderskade 123-124, 1074 AV Amsterdam
  4. Balraj Indian Restaurant
    Balraj is the oldest Indian restaurant in Amsterdam. Just like most Indian restaurants, they also specialize in curries. They have a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. The kitchen is based on the way people eat at home in India, less spicy than in many other restaurants.
    Location: Haarlemmerdijk 28, 1013JD Amsterdam
  5. Mount Everst Tandori
    Looking for authentic food with a friendly staff? Then you have to be here. Here they have great Indian vegan dishes
    Location: Spreeuwenpark 3D, 1021 GS Amsterdam
  6. Sherpa restaurant
    Looking for a nice restaurant where every dish is delicious? Go to the Sherpa restaurant, especially their curries are heavenly. The restaurant is very nicely decorated. In addition, the staff is happy to help you make the right combinations, they have vegan and gluten-free options

    Location: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 58, 1017 RD Amsterdam
  7. Ashoka Restaurant
    In the center of Amsterdam you eat heart-warming vegan dishes from the Indian kitchen. Authentic flavors, many traditions with a balanced blend of herbs and spices in the lead. The service is very friendly and you will be received with open arms.
    Location: Spuistraat 3G, 1012 SP Amstersam.
  8. Kohinoor
    Since 1981 they serve authentic Indian vegan and vegetarian dishes. They have two locations right in the center where you can always go for a delicious meal. The service is also super friendly here.
    Location 1: Westermarkt 29, 1016 DJ Amsterdam
    Location 2: Rokin 18, 1012 KR Amsterdam

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